Curtis Chang Essay Essay Research Paper Curtis

Curtis Chang Essay Essay, Research Paper

Curtis Chang EssayCurtis Chang s essay was so effective it made me look at ethnic minorities differently. Ethnic minorities are not anymore issues that everybody seems to ignore, they are now groups with success. The achievement of this ethnic minority shows how they are able to achieve the American dream. Their hard work keep them economically succesful. Magazines like Time , Newsweek and New York Times Magazine gava a statistic about family median income. The median Asian-America income is more than the American s. Asian-Americans have more family members in the household, which automatically means more of them have to work. Asians work harder and less paid jobs to twice more than white Americans. Chang has never been good at looking at big picture, and that is what he is trying to make us understand. He has focused in on material that is showing basic facts about Asian economic success. What is an issue to us is really equal rights, and if you don t enjoy them you are discriminated against. The media ignore facts that U.S. Department of Immigration until 1976 accepted only skilled Asian immigrants, meaning those who were from upper class and well educated. We have seen these kinds of acceptance with other ethnic minorities. Chang thinks that there is no equal rights for Asians in America.

Many Asian-American are succeding in education. Most of Asian students are at the top of the class . Chang believes that Asians could be completing in high educational levels. He complies to future saying that this education will pay off. The Model Minority stories are examples of different life stories of Asian-American. Chang is trying to compare lives of Asians with lives of white Americans. He is saying that Asians are better than blacks and hispanics, but not as same as whites. Asians are not in the leadership positions where they can have institutional power. Chang is explaining in the simpliest way that Asians are excluded from the real pie , meaning they are not in the first plan. Today s system also deals with racial issues in which Asians are the ones who have to confront like many other ethnic groups. Chang s essay is based on perspective of racism with the myth, in which many Asians still believe in.


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