The Good Deed Essay Research Paper The

The Good Deed Essay, Research Paper

The Good Deed

Many people do good deeds for a wide variety of

reasons. A good deed is helping someone without

looking for a reward or a pat on the back. Think

about how much one receives and consider volunteering

to help someone, keep busy, repay a dept, or just for

fun! No matter what, it will feel good after

helping another. In my case I choose to help the

R.O.T.C. with the Shepherd Center and the

Salvation Army for the Doll and Toy Fund


For some strange reason I thought it would be a

great idea to help famlies in need. Sure I have

donated money for Adopt a Child in class around

Christmas time but getting to actually see the kids

pick and receive their presents, this would be an

experience I would never forget.

When I got up Saturday morning to go to

Bolton I thought this would be the easiest yet

most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my life. I

thought wrong. When I got to the school there was

people wrapped around the building and cars

everywhere. I proceeded to walk into the boys gym

lobby where there were tons of unopened boxes of toys

everywhere. I grabbed the box cutter and started

opening boxes. After all the boxes were opened, Angela

and I started making displays with the Easy Bake Ovens

and all the collectable Barbies. I wasn’t so bitter

anymore I was starting to have fun.

About nine thirty we opened the doors and families

started to pour into the lobby. Some parents that came

in had five and six children that came in with them.

While at the same time some parents came alone came

alone so the kids Christmas presents would be a

surprise. At first I helped hand out the toys at the

table. The little boys seemed to really like the cool

looking remote control PT Land Cruisers. Maybe that’s

why they were all gone by ten o’clock. Then I handed

out batteries for the children’s toys. As I was a

getting a little bored I thought to myself,”If I was

ever going to get to interact and talk to these people

I would have to find a way to get out of handing out

batteries.” With so many people coming in and out, All

I could tell them was Merry Christmas before they

rushed out of the packed area.

Around ten thirty i managed to find a way

to get outside. So I went to the Salvation Army truck

were my friend Sarah was. We had to help the people

take these big boxes of food to there cars. The first

box I held I thought that it would be as light as a

feather, I was awfully wrong. That box felt as if it

were forty pounds. There must have been a whole turkey

and all the trimmings in those boxes. I had to carry

one box all the way to the side street across from

Bolton. By the time we reached the car my finger tips

were numb. I didn’t seem to notice because I was

talking to a Mexican lady who kept asking me if I was

alright. She told me how this might be the only

food that her kids might get to eat on Christmas. She

must have had four or five kids because she had about

that many toys. This really made me think off how

blessed I am to have two parents who can take care of

me. I helped many more people to their cars but the

Mexican woman was the only one who seemed to stick in

my head.

About twelve o’clock we were to take an hour

break. I was so excited thinking I get to help some

more parents and kids take food to their car, when my

sister showed up early at the school and I had to

leave. I was so upset because I was suppose to stay

and help till three o’clock. When I got home all I

could think about was how much fun it was helping

someone other than myself.

When I finished my good deed I thought about how

much fun I had helping other people. Although I might

be helping someone today someone else might be helping

me tomorrow. Instead of thinking of it as something I

did for someone I think of it as an exchange, my help

for the smiles on their face.


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