Five Teachings Of Jesus Essay Research Paper

Five Teachings Of Jesus Essay, Research Paper

The five of the teachi8ngs of Jesus are the following: Be Merciful (Luke 6:36, Matthew 5:7, Forgiveness (Luke6: 37), Seek Goodness (Luke 6:45), Respect Others (Luke 14:11), and Be Kind (Luke 6:31).

Be Merciful (Luke 6:31). “Be merciful just as your father is merciful.” (Matthew 5:7): “Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them.” The passage s teaches us mainly about being merciful to our enemy and God will be merciful toward us. Forgiveness of kind especially toward our enemy. We should not harm others even if they done bad things against us. We should show compassion towards others because if we don’t people might not show compassion towards us. The passage told us that Jesus is merciful even towards his enemies. Perfect example of this is forgiving Jusus’ enemy when he was put on the cross. Jesus even prayed for them to not punish them.

Forgiveness (Luke 6:37): “ Do not judge others, and God will not judge you; do not condemn others, and God will not condemn you; forgive others and God will forgive you.” The passage teaches us that we should forgive others and we will be forgiven. We should treat others, as we want to be treated. Jesus never judged or condemned others no matter what they did to him.

Seek Goodness (Luke 6:45): “a good person brings good out of the treasure of good things in his heart; a bad person brings bad out of his treasure of bad things. For mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” The passage teaches us mainly about looking for the good in all, not for evil. We should look for positive thought in all, not for negative thoughts. Jesus always seeks goodness in all of us.

Respect Others (Luke 14:11): “For everyone who makes himself great will be humbled, and everyone who humbles himself will be great.” The passage teaches us mainly about helping others if they need help. The people who you help will be thankful to you. Jesus became humble because he earned it by helping people who need help, even his enemy.

Be Kind (Luke 6:31): “Do for others just what you want them to do for you.” The passage is mainly about respecting others especially he elders. Respect others, as you want to be respected. Jesus is respectful toward his family, elders, and enemy.


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