Life How To Live It Essay Research

Life; How To Live It Essay, Research Paper

Life is something we count in years. And these years of suffering accompanied by pain and also times of undecipherable happiness. It is a weird thing; life, as we think of it. Every person undeniably tries to live a memorable life but it is a blessing received by some only. To have it all go our way, we have to have some things clear in mind:

Pain and suffering, of whatever temperament they may be, are some things you just cannot evade all through life because they are the soul of your shadow, and because there is a shadow, you realize there is light. Pain accompanied by sorrow is forever going to be there to make you know that you are alive. To feel the depth and the reason for pain and suffering at that time in that setting is what is required of you and once you are wise enough to understand, you will live in bliss.

Life goes on, but it s those small acts, things and memories that won t .Do not confine your deeds. Never accustom yourself to dim light of a flickering candle because then you would have trouble facing sunlight. If you can smile at a passing stranger, then why not do it? Who knows they may need it right then more than anything. Kindness is a language which a deaf can hear and a blind can read. So, why not for once stop worrying about yourself and look around you think of others. Do some good and make a small difference. Have in mind as you walk through the potholed streets of life a place where the deaf can laugh about things they hear and the blind can keep their hopes high by seeing birds fly in the sky.

Never think that simply to ask is to be weak, and that you are always strong. Remember always that failure is nothing. You will not fail at anything you do, failure is just a name given to a state that is not as good as the best . In a way, failure will help you; you learn that your way was wrong, very clich d. Likewise, criticizing someone shows how much you care for them and want them to improve, even if you don t aim it. Do it out of good will, never criticize when you sense even a bit of jealousy in your heart. But, compliments are nice only when you are giving them, receiving compliments must scare you because then you re getting something that can accordingly be lost. Compliments can very well help you lose perspective of things, your perpetual determination to make a difference.

You must worry about the future only to an extent where you don t forget how to live today. Learn from the past, not lament over it. Never cry over just anything, your tears are precious to be just wasted away like that, they can rub the no s but they can never replace them with a yes . There is more to life than crying about what is lost. Not always though, there are some things that you simply cannot accept as gone, and never coming back , and that too is alright. You have to remember to be happy about all that you have made in the past, even if it is not as adequate as you would have wanted it to be. Every little thing you do is important and it means something to someone!

You have to remember that deep within you without your knowledge – lays the key to every locked door. You have the potential to open every door that prevents you from going further, higher. You have to have the insight to know what keys you need to discover and what doors you need to unlock, make proper use of those keys.

You do not want to hurry to the end because you don t want to miss the signs that are there to guide you, to help you accomplish all the possible dreams that you dream. Dreams that every person dreams. Your dreams are the only things that are truly yours. They are the only things that make you want to embrace life in all possible ways. Dreams make you experience dusk with the longing for another dawn. But also remember that everything is not perfect, and that you just can t plan everything . You want to be what no one could ever be and for that, you have to accept people for what they are and learn to listen.

The years that makeup our lives are made up of days. These days are filled with small opportunities to help people; to make a small difference, to change the way people think.

To lend an ear to a disheartened is in a way like healing their wounds with the rub of your hand. When there is someone to listen, all the remnants of melancholy that contort their face and hearts can evaporate replacing them with a mask of a new meaning of being. You can make them believe that there always is someone who is willing to accept them for what they are and not for what they should be. Even the happiest of hearts need someone to let them know that they are more important than they realize. But don t always have a say in everything because if you have to have an opinion about every damn thing that goes around, you no longer talk sense.

You should never underestimate yourself; you are more precious than you think. You must mean something to everyone you know, even if it s for the work you do for them. You make their lives easier, eventually making a difference in someone s life. You can do what others can t do because you are your whole person, you are the difference itself. You must have a world to conquer; a world that you still have to discover because if you did not have a reason to be, God would not have sent you now and God does not make pointlessness. Believe in yourself. You matter because you make the difference by just being. Take another step, make yourself heard.


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