Life Ten Years Later Essay Research Paper

Life Ten Years Later Essay, Research Paper

?Mommy Tyler pulled my hair.? ?I want some cookies now mommy.? Where do I plan to

be in ten years. Well I will be twenty eight years old with a BA degree form Hartford

University in registered nursing. Married to a great man to whom will be the love of my

life. We will have three children at that time ranging from ages 3 to a couple of months

old. Connecticut or Massachusetts will be were we live so we can be close to all our

family and friends. Hopefully my husband will be an accomplished and dedicated doctor or

vetinarian. I will be an at home mom untill all of my children are old enough that they will

not be so dependent on me. We will have two dogs, two horse?s, and two pot belle pig?s.

Animals are a big part of my life and I want to make sure my children grow up in a family

full of animals. This is so they know how comforting animals can be. We will travel all

around the world so the children can experiance all ways of life. Making time for the

family and showing the love we share for one another will be a big part of our family life

as well. Family has and will always be a very big part of my life and I want my childen to

know that feeling. I do not want then to think that their father or I do not love them

because we do not spend so much time together. Without family you are nothing, they are

always there for you and love you for who you are not for whatt you do.

Waching t.v and listening to all the horriable thing that go on in the world has

made me relize something. That because my parents and family have always been there

for me I have been shelterd away from all the bad thing that go on. Which is why I have

turned out to be the person I am today, someone who is very careing and loveing. Not

someone that steals or cheets or hurts others. Having someone home every day when I got

home that helped me learn and stay on track has helped me stay away from all the terriable

thing going on in this world. That is something I want my children to know and learn.

All these things have given me personal qualities that will help me get into and

graduate from the college of my choice. Such as my dedication to things that I want to do.

And that I will not give up on the things that are important to me. Loving to help people

and being a source of comfort will also help me become a registerd nurse. For as long as I

can remember I have always been fascinated with medican and wanting to help people.

Which will also help me become a nurse.

All of these qualities and things I have learned will help me become a great mother

and wife. These are the things I live my life for. Children have always been the most

important dream in my life and giving them everything I have to offer will be the greatest

gift given to me.

Family and friends will always be the most important things in my life. Nothing will

ever defer me from my dreams, and no matter what truly happens in these next ten years

my life will be one great dream that will never go the way I do not want.


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