January 13 The Past Ten Essay Research

January 13 The Past Ten Essay, Research Paper

January 13: The past Ten

Here it is, a complete document of the precise history of what was happening on my birthday the past ten years. Keep in mind that ten years ago was actually 1989, not 1988. It may not be what you would call interesting, but I will try. I have taken each January 13th of the past ten years and put some of the events that happened in different categories that will help correlate my paper and make it easier to read. Rather than start with just the past ten years, it would be a shame not to share with you some of the more important outside the past ten years that occurred on January 13th. I would like to enlighten you on some of the other great events that occurred on this important date throughout history with a brief overview of some trivial facts I have found. The earliest, and most unique event that I found other than troop movements in the Mexican war, was the patenting of the accordion on Jan 13, 1854, in 1906 the first radio receivers were advertised for $7.50 in the “Scientific America Magazine”, in 1942 Henry Ford patented the plastic automobile which made for a 30% weight decrease in cars, and Elvis recorded the song, “All Shook Up” on January 13, 19571. (These were interesting to me so I thought should tell about them). Famous songs toping the charts on this day include: I got you (I feel good) by James Brown, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles, and You look so good in love by George Straight2. Let’s not forget to add list of important people, (other than me), that bask in the glory of this day:

1885 – Alfred Fuller (company founder: The Fuller Brush man!)

1908 – Earl Wheeler (WWII U.S. Army General, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff [1964-70]; namesake for Hawaii’s Wheeler Army Air Force Base)

1909 – Danny Berker (guitarist)

1909 – Butter (Quentin) Jackson (musician: trombone: played with Duke Ellington)

1913 – Wayne Miliner (football)

1913 – Jeff Morrow (actor: The Robe; The Creature Walks Among Us, The Giant Claw)

1919 – Robert Stack (Modini) (Emmy Award-winning actor: The Untouchables [1959-60]; Written on the Wind, Strike Force, Airplane, Unsolved Mysteries)

1926 – Gwen Verdon (dancer; Tony Award-winning

Actress: Damn Yankees [1956], Can-Can [1954], High

Button Shoes; film: Damn Yankees, Cocoon)

1930 – Liz Anderson (country singer, songwriter: Pick of

the Week, [My Friends are Gonna Be] Strangers, Ride, Ride, Ride; mother of country-pop singer, Lynn Anderson)

1931 – Charles Nelson Reitly (comedian, actor: The Ghost

and Mrs. Muir, Cannonball Run; game show panelist: Match Game P.M.)

1933 – Tom Gola (basketball: NCAA Division I Men’s

Record: Career Rebounds: 2,201 for La Salle (1952-55)

1938 – Billy Gray (actor: On Moonlight Bay, Two for the Seesaw)

1950 – Sharon Gabet (actress)

1950 – Mike Tyson (baseball)3

Now that you have a basis of how important January 13 is, let me fill you in on the past ten. I will do this through the best documentation ever created the Newspaper. I have chosen to divide my findings into World and Regional events, Economic news, and miscellaneous events like sports etc., that caught my eye and will certainty catch yours.

January 1989 Friday the 13th, 8 years Old:

I turned eight today, and was fortunate enough to be in Mrs. Wells’s second grade class this year.

World Events:

Today was what seemed to be a day for the return and finding of people. In Moscow, after being buried for more than a month six Armenians were found alive4. The men were rescued at the bottom of rubble left by apartment building that collapsed on them during an earthquake on December seventh. The men claimed they survived on cooked ham and pickled vegetables. The massive earthquake claimed more than 25,000 lives.

Libya announced today that they would yield the body of a U.S pilot killed in a 1986 raid5.

The body they found is believed to be airforce Captain Paul Lowerence. America regards the return of the body as a humanitarian act on Libya’s part.

In an article by the Boston globe presidential candidate Michael Dukakis was ridiculed for his lack of media skills, which later would lose the election for him6.

Economic News:

While I was busy playing with GI Joe’s, wholesale prices nearly doubled to four percent, the largest increase in ten years7. Robert Brusca said “I don’t like the sound of a double inflation, but we must look at it in a four percent perspective.

China’s economy is looking grime with an unemployment rate that is expected to increase by half this year.8


Erasable disks head for the market read the headline9. A research letter from dataquest indicates that they will be shipping the first 5.25-inch erasable disks, which will be in common use in most computers. Kodak however will go straight to making erasable 3.5 erasable disks, which is becoming the most common form data storage on PC’s. They would flip if they knew that now you can sore 650 times more on erasable CD’s which are now becoming more popular.

January 13, 1990; 9yrs old:

Wow 1990 I was in Mrs. Weavers third grade class and I couldn’t believe that I had to put a different number besides eight when I was writing the date on my papers.

World Events:

The United States treasury department inspector general established a force of 21 investigators to probe the I.R.S10. The investigation is to remedy allegations of corruption and misconduct by high-ranking officials.

In Sofia, Bulgaria representatives of Bulgaria’s political reform unit came to an agreement on the debate to restore equal rights and religious freedom for the countries Turkish minorities11.

The latest American efforts in a 1989 Arab-Israel was stalled today and will likely drag on for months. The dispute revolved around a five-point plan that U.S. secretary James Baker offered in 1988 to help start the peace talks12.

Economic News:

Wall Street was surprised today by an unexpected bulge in wholesale prices. It seems as though this is becoming a trend with a seven percent increase, remember last year it went up 4 percent, so that makes a 11 percent increase from 1988 wholesale prices. This makes it the worst inflation since 1981 causing stocks to fall over 80 points13.


In the big city of Houston NASA scientist looked over a dramatic rescue 200 miles above earth as the space shuttle Columbia reached out and capture a scientific satellite that was moments of falling out of orbit14.

January 13, 1991; 10 years old:

Well what can I say I’m finally the big One, O so it’s hard to complain about this year. This year was scary for me because it was the first time I ever witnessed the beginning of a war.

World Events:

The Chicago tribune released a letter from President Bush to Sadam Hussein warning him of deadlines to free Kuwait or face imminent war16.

Congress OK’s war on Iraq today with an emotional and deeply divided Congress voting to authorize President Bush to launch war against Iraq. Moments after congress authorized him to use force President Bush said that he knew war would have come sooner or later15.

Economic News:

“War or no war more will be out of work’’, writes the Atlanta Constitution. Georgia experts predict slow economic growth. Debt is said to be the main cause of the slump and will likely cause high unemployment rates16.

Economic experts are betting on peace or a short war with Iraq, saying that if we do go to war it will last a week or so17. Well as you and I know it lasted for months.


Senator Dave Durenberger was denounced for financial misconduct for concealing ownership of a condominium to claim expenses while he stayed there18.

Former Nebraska state Treasurer Frank Marsh was sentenced to on year probation for running up a 1,824-phone bill on a state credit card19.

Somewhere in the Nafud desert a U.S. army truck send television frequency to US troops to enable them to view sports while they are away20.

January 13, 1992; 11 years. Old:

I will never forget this year because of one teacher, Mrs. McCormick she taught me in fifth grade. Mrs. McCormick was one of the best teachers I ever had and taught me a lot about life and how to understand it.

World Events:

A poll published today by CNN shows president bush to be vulnerable. The poll shows that he might be in tougher presidential race than once thought. Well I can let you in on a little secret, he lost20.

Economic News:

The only Economic activity I was able to locate for today is that the DOW Jones rose 89 points21.


NBC celebrated the Today Show’s 40th birthday which was the first ever talk show to be aired22.

The Redskins played so well against the Detroit Lions the even the Lions coach was caught clapping. The Washington Redskins toasted the Lions in a 40-10 defeat for the conference championship23.

January 13, 1993; 12 years Old:

Here I was finally out of Elementary School, I can’t say it was a very good experience because my intermediate school wasn’t to much to brag about, but we were the first class to graduate from that newly renovated school. This was also the year my brother graduated high school, this is important because it meant that I was the only kid in the house and I got his room.

World Events:

Well president-elect Bill Clinton is close to be inaugurated and it was announced today that Nelson Mandela, president of the AFN will be in attendece24.

In Geneva, the leader of Bosnia’s Serbs accepted a peace plan to end the Bosnian war25.

In Atlanta Georgia Governor Zell Miller warned lawmakers to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state’s flag26. Legislative leaders said the speech was like Picket’s famous charge at Gettysburg; Galiant, but Unsuccessful.

Economic News:

Record Corn Harvest was reported today. The Agricultural Department estimated the 1992 corn harvest to be 9.48 billion bushels, a record high27. This year’s crop was estimated to be nearly 30 percent higher than 1991’s record harvest.


In a troubled effort to launch the first nonstop around the world balloon flight took off only to crash into the side of a mountain, but thankfully no one was hurt28.

A NASA waiting for the launch of the space shuttle endeavor rescued three Cubans from inner tubes they used to escape their country29.

January 13, 1994; 13 years old:

Oh yes I am finally a teenager! This was the year I started riding Steers, got into “Junior High”, and had Mrs. Davis as an English teacher.

World Events:

Mexican President Carlos Salinas declared a cease-fire to end the violence in southern Mexico. He ordered his troops to not pursue fleeing guerrillas and offered amnesty to rebels who stop fighting30.

A public pole that rounded of a series of polls to voters indicates that the public welcomes probe of Whitewater scandal31. The probe will investigate alleged charges about his involvement of money laundering through this Whitewater Development Corporation.

Economic News:

There seems to be a shortage of economic news today. I did, find that the New York Stock exchange fell 27 points32.


Three admirals were called in to the U.S. Naval academy today. The admirals were called in to investigate what appears to be the largest cheating scandal in the schools history33.

A report issued in December involved the Electronical Engineering 311 class. Sources say that nearly 125 shipmen were involved and 700 shipmen took the exam.

The FBI announced today that they are close to an arrest in the Beating of skater Nancy Kerrigan34. Involvements in the conspiracy are known to be her arch-rival Tonya Harding and her husband.

January 13, 1995; 14yrs old.

Eighth grade is a worderful time when you learn a lot about life’s little lessons. This was the year that I decided to retire from steer riding to pursue a racing career in go-karts at Alvin Raceway Park.

World News:

The democratic Governors Association struck back today at the Republican “Contract with America,” saying it would cost the New York state $11.2 billion dollars a year, and trigger a 24 percent tax increase to make up the difference35.

Russians lunched an attack on Gronzy by moving tanks in and bombarding them with artellery36. The Kremlin troops say that that they will gain big results in their drive to take the capital of breakaway country Chechnya.

Economic News:

Federal antitrust regulators approved the ITT Corporation’s $1.08 billion dollar purchase of Madison square garden, the New York Knicks, Rangers, and the MSG cable network37.

International Business Machines Corporation is taking control of the Prodigy online from the Sears, Roebuck company along with its partner the Wall Street Journal38.


Electronic arts announced that they would be shipping the animated story of the jungle book CD-ROM today. It will be the first in a series of interactive games by Disney to help kids five through learn using their product39.

In the “man bites dog” category, Germany announced that it is finally settling its outstanding World War 1 debt with America. Better late than never I guess40.

January 13, 1996; 15 years old:

I am finally an official Waller High school student. My first year as a high school was a very memorable year thanks to my cousin who happened to be a senior; needless to say I got a warm welcome.

World News:

All Bosnian eyes look to President Clinton for their country41. From a bloodstained hospital bed in Sarajevo Bosnian leader Zahid Cubro’s message to president Clinton was, “Only you can save my country.”

House Speaker Newt Gingrich promised today to fin a solution to the debt42. Our nations debt reached 4.2 trillion dollars on November 15, 1995 with no plans in action to stop it.

President Clinton in hopes for a take-action image on his U.S border policy, announced a tougher border strategy implementing more police, additional checkpoints, and military help43.

Two black teenagers in Springfield, Tennessee were found guilty today in Confederate flag slaying44. The two teenagers were sent to life in prison for shooting a man for having a Confederate flag flying from his pick-up.

Economic News:

The Hong-Kong dollar will remained pegged to the United States doll after Britain hands over the territory to China in 199745. Many representatives from Hong-Kong see no reason for it to ever change, but I am sure China will.


Jimmy Johnson took the reigns today over the Miami Dolphins, as the new head coach46. Wide receiver Randal Hill said, “When he walked in it was so quiet, you could hear a pass drop.”

Head Coach Pat Riley was fined $10,000 and Bulls forward Dennis Rodman was fined $5,000 for outspoken attacks against the leagues officials in a game early this week47.

January 13, 1997; 16 years old:

Oh how sweet it is finally am released to legally drive, can you believe it! This was a very good year for me not only because I can drive now, but also because I won the national International Karting Federation (IKF) championship in two classes for the Texas-Louisiana region for Kart racing.

World News:

The U.S coast guard rescued 20 Dominicans from a wooden boat after they attempted to make a dangerous voyage to Puerto Rico48. According to the article the immigrants were at sea for six days before being rescued.

Two women quit the Citadel today charging that the male students set their clothes on fire49. The women said they quit because they felt as if they were not welcome.

Economic News:

The fastest growing small business according to the Washington post are as follows50:

1. Digex, Internet service provider

2. Mele associates

3. RS Information Systems

4. Base Technologies

5. Indus Software and Services

These findings are based on profit over the past five years.

January 13, 1998; 17 years Old:

I am finally a Senior at the new Waller High School, and will be part of the first class to graduate from this new school. This year will be one that will count for many years to come. I stepped up form the go-kart ranks this year to StockCars, and was fortunate enough to win my Rookie of the Year title and class championship in the same year.

World News:

Iraq threatens to block U.N Inspectors from weapon searches51.

A report Released shows that nearly one out of evry10 high school students have been threatened with a gun since 199052.

Economic News:

The Federal-Mogul Corporation announced that it had agreed to buy Fel-Pro Inc. for 720 million dollars in cash in an attempt to consolidate auto part dealers across the country53.

The New York Stock Exchange was up 56 points today54.


Criminal charges have been filed against a California salad processor whose lettuce was linked to a 1996 food poisoning Outbreak that sickened over 60 people across the Mid-West55.

Emma Massey of Houston Texas was named the world’s oldest woman today. She turned 117 years old56.

Well there it is, there it was, and now you have read the past Ten years of my birthday and the events that occurred on it. In the last ten years many things have happened on my birthday. From the patenting of the accordion in 1854 to the Gulf war to Emma Massey turning 117 years old, you name it. After all the word and events that I have named the only thing I have to say is I hoped you have enjoyed reading about my past ten birthdays as I have had living them.


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