Young Hunting Essay Research Paper I finally

Young Hunting Essay, Research Paper

?I finally shot my first bird!? I said after I got the bird in my hands. I was very excited. I hunted almost all my life and finally shot something. I hunted and still hunt because I enjoy going out in nature, to relax, and learn new skills like finding the trace of an animal. Going out hunting is exciting because it is one of my favorite hobbies.

When I was five years old I began hunting with my grandfather, but it wasn?t me that shot with the gun yet. Throughout all the years I have been hunting with him I have learned that nature should be respected. He once said to me in French ?Respecter la nature c?est le plus important que la chasse.? It means that respecting nature is more important than hunting. If nobody respects nature and trashes it then there wouldn?t be a nice place to hunt because of not having enough trees or there wouldn?t be many animals. An example could be when scientists let loose a disease that almost killed all of the rabbits in the place where I hunt, but now it stopped, luckily. People can respect nature by giving food, water, and shelter to the animals because in the winter they would need those things.

Another thing my grandfather thought me was to find the traces of animals like rabbits, deer, and boars. He taught me how to find those traces because a hunting dog cannot find all the passages that an animal went through so you need to show him where to go to be on the right trace. My grandfather also thought me not to get fines because they are could get really expensive. They could go as high a 10 thousand French Francs and the hunting license will be taken away automatically.

I began using a riffle at the age of thirteen on October 28, which was five days before my 14th birthday. I don?t have my hunting license yet but I?m going to try to get it when I?m 15. My grandfather has a riffle for me to use in the winter vacations. When he let me use the riffle for the first time he gave me a small bullet and I missed a bird, but I didn?t move my arm at all. Then he gave me a bullet that was double the size (Tunet Magnum #6), I shot with it, and my whole arm flew back because I didn?t expect such a huge amount of pressure. The other times I shot with those bullets I only got little shocks on my arm, but not much. I imagined if I would shoot with his double-barrel shotgun. I believe that I would fly all the way back as my grandfather did once and he?s a 100 times stronger than I am. I hunt because I want to be in nature, help the environment, and shoot something off course.

Shooting something is fun but you have to respect the environment by not killing too much and also not to kill protected animals like I once did. It was my first bird I ever shot, but now I only shoot the ones that are permitted to be shot. When you shoot, have the gun in the right position so you don?t fly backwards. One thing to remember is to respect the law of hunting because the fines are very high. Get your hunting license if you?re 15 or older because you?re going to see that hunting is a fantastic hobby for everybody.


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