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America The Unusual Essay, Research Paper

America the Unusual

Imagine being a student of history in a foreign country. You are asked to write a paper on, The Land of Opportunity , or America. Better yet you are a visitor under a Visa. Either way you look at it you will come to the same conclusion. That America is a place like no other in this world. In America the Unusual by John W. Kindon, I will explain how the United States is different from the rest of the world, geographically, socially, governmentally, individually as well as others.

Being geographically isolated from the rest of the world by land and sea barriers, America is in its own world. The U.S has to set up trade with other countries in order to have economic success. The country was built on immigrants coming over to start over to get opportunities that they were given in their countries. America was the new frontier to most. It was a place built on the immigrant experience. America was a very diverse population but a population that stuck together to build what the United States is today. This is one country that in due time would set itself apart from any other country throughout the world.

Americans ideology alone is different than the thinking of most nations. One of the factors that separates America from other countries is it individualism. As a country, America is always at war with each other when it comes to this. Americans have always emphasized a small government and promoted equality as well as the right to be heard. The citizens of the United States may lean left or right on some issues but always seem for the most part to come together with an understanding of its government. One problem that America has to deal with is that many of Americans have individual goals but have no community goals. Many of the people only care about themselves and their special interest. Its too bad that this selfishness gets in the way of coming together as a nation through our communities. Although coming together socially is hard, take their freedom away and be prepared for a nation to fight for blood to keep it.

Fighting to keep their right is pretty much a long held tradition in America, as long ago as their founding fathers struggled to create a national government. Another factor that separates America from the rest of the world is the Constitution. The constitution set up a government with a type of system. A type of system of separation in government through: separate layers, separate powers and separate interests. This separation is set up for a checks and balances war to take place. But all of the separation doesn t get much done. America is the only country that the rules change as the country grows.

The characteristics of public policy, political parties, and political institutions is very different from that of other developed nations. Our Political parties can be seen as maybe weaker when comparing them to developing nations. In American the unusual Kindon states that political parties are more obligated to their constituents than to the party. This is very different with other nations. One country for example that doesn t concentrate on their constituents is England. England focuses on total party devotion. We are told that American institutions are based on and thrive on the concept of separation of powers. The author believes there is a unity of powers and federalism that allows for the inability to coordinate anything within American Institutions. There are also public policies that could be analyzed. There is a big difference between the United States and other industrialized countries, that is that its size of government is tiny compared to many other nations. Not only is American government small but it doesn t assume all the roles most other nations government do. The government only can assume so much in the state, local and federal level. Many other countries for example provide medical for their people but the United States doesn t. Some other ways that sets the U.S apart from other countries are that most countries have higher taxes, no tolerate taxes, and the U.S helps its elderly through Social Security. These are just other ways that the United States is different from other countries.

Another factor that sets America apart is the violence. Violence in America is as American as apple pie. Throughout history of the United States many problems occurred and became very violent. World War II was an example of violence that because of economic and political reasons was a disruption that was handled. America s success economically after the war pretty much saved the country because there wasn t any devastation from the war. That enabled the U.S to thrive and become a powerful nation in the future to come.

Even though America is built up to be such a wonderful and different country it can be said that, the land of opportunity is only a myth. This myth of opportunity is what drives many immigrants to this country. Many of them are in search of wealth and success. But as they struggle to survive and only set themselves up for failure, is this country built on the fact that the government gets in the way of individuals opportunity to get ahead and become a wealthy and successful citizen. There are patterns of opportunity depending on our socio-economic status (age, gender, race, family, ethnicity, social, health, geography). I believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to be wealthy but achieving it through hard work, education, and lots of so called luck.

So what have I learned by reading this book. I have learned that the U.S is a diverse and fragmented country in many ways. I have learned that because if it s unique geographical boundaries that it is capable of avoiding many disasters that accorded in Europe. Also that we are very different in ways of government control and the ways its assumes its responsibilities within state, local and federal levels. Many of the issues of health care brought up in the book and equal education opportunities will help me when the time comes to vote and become a responsible citizen in the world. Other then that by reading this book I would have to agree with the author that America is very different than most of all the industrialized nations throughout the world.



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