John Proctor Faced WIth Death Essay Research

John Proctor Faced WIth Death Essay, Research Paper

Being faces with a decision like death why would one decide to be put to death. At the same time while death stare one in the face a man must look deep into his soul to come up with the answer that would satisfy his soul. Knowing that there is a final judgment after man Proctor decided to let his final judgment become by God. Having strong faith in his God and being supported by the people around him such as Elizabeth and Rebecca helped Proctor made a decision not to confess to wrongdoing over death.

Being the gentlemen that make him loved by others Proctor agreed to confess by mouth to meetings with the devil. By confessing to meeting with the devil and not seeing others during this these encounters Proctors felt he would spare other?s their life. Asking all questions posed by Danforth pertaining to others, Proctor felt he said no they wasn?t present Danforth would let all other suspects go who have been indicted. Danforth didn?t feel that the confusing by mouth from Proctor wasn?t good enough so he asked it in writing. Holding on to his faith and pride Proctor wouldn?t sign a confessing because he felt it would jeopardize his name. Choosing death over his faith and pride Proctor made a decision that showed what kind of character he has.

Having confessed by one mouth isn?t good enough for the people in town, knowing this the court ask Proctor to sign his name to the confession. Being the man that he is Proctor refuse to sign the confessing because he know there were a final judgment after Earth. Knowing that his faith doesn?t condemn what is going on in the community, Proctor refuse to sign the confession because he felt like he was betraying his faith. Proctor feeling that signing the confession would make him a liar and betrayer he chooses death before his signature wouldn?t appear on a document of such. Choosing to keep his faith and knowing that his God will come through, Proctor made the decision not to put his name up on a confession for the community to see.

Being in a time were a man name is worth more than money, Proctor chose death to keep his name from being posted to a document confessing evil. Proctor feeling that signing the confession would make him betray his friends and make him lose authority his children. The statement by Proctor saying ?I blacken all of them when this is nailed to the church the very day they hang for silence,? is stating that he will betray his friends when their put to death and his name is upon the church door. Feeling that his name and friendship is worth more then living on Earth as a liar, Proctor refuses to sign the confession.

Having support from Elizabeth and Rebecca helped Proctor come up with a decision that will let him keep his faith and friendship. While talking to Elizabeth about confessing Elizabeth let Proctor know she will support any decision he made. While being lead to his death Rebecca made the statement, ?Another judgment waits us all,? show that she supported his decision to keep his name off a document confessing to evil. While being lead to the scaffold, Hale pleaded with Elizabeth to talk Proctor into cofessing, she responded by saying, ?He have his goodness now,? meaning she supported the decision and wouldn?t make a move to change it. Having the support of Elizabeth and Rebecca made Proctor decision more easier.


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