Desperation Essay Research Paper Mary and Peter

Desperation Essay, Research Paper

Mary and Peter Jackson were driving down highway 50 in the middle of Nevada when Collie Entragian, the Desperation police officer, pulled them over for having a missing rear license plate. He told Peter that he could take the front license plate off and put it on the back and they should be ok. Peter went to the trunk of the car to get a tool kit under the spare tire. When he lifted up the tire to get the tools, Entragian and Peter found a bag of marijuana. Entragian started to get violent and he beat up Peter. It wasn’t too bad, though. He arrested Peter and Mary and took them to the jail in Desperation. When the got the municipal building, Entragian shot Peter and killed him. He put Mary in the holding cells.

Entragian’s next victims were the Carver’s. They lived in Ohio and were going on vacation to Lake Tahoe. They had gotten four flat tires on the RV that they were driving. Entragian saw that they were having trouble and he stopped to help them. He told them that there was a dangerous man on the loose and the reason that they had four flat tires because they ran over a spike strip that was supposed to stop the man. Collie took the Carvers, Ralph, Ellen, David, and Kirsten, to the municipal building. When they got there, Entragian pushed Kirsten down the stairs and killed her. He put the rest of them in the holding cells.

Johnny Marinville was a famous writer, also known as a literary lion. He was traveling across country on a motorcycle to see if it would give him an idea for a new book. He also needed something interesting to do. While driving down Highway 50, Johnny decided to stop and use the bathroom. He pulled over and walked down into the ditch a ways and started to go. Just as he was finishing, along came Entragian. He recognized Johnny and was ecstatic to see him because he loved his books. As they were talking, Entragian spotted something sticking out of Johnny’s carrying bags on his bike. He went over there to see what it was. It turned out to be a bag of marijuana. It had the same smiley face sticker on it that the bag the Jackson’s had. Entragian got violent and he started to beat up Johnny. He broke his nose and hurt him quite badly. Entragian then proceeded to bury Johnny’s bike and helmet in the sand so there would be no evidence. While Entragian was off burying Johnny’s bike, Johnny remembered he had his cell phone with him. He called one of his friends, Steve Ames, to see if he could get through to him so he could help him. He got through to him but nothing was clear. Entragian came back and took Johnny to the municipal building and put him in the holding cells.

In the meantime, Steve was driving along and he saw this girl on the side of the road so he stopped to see if she needed a ride. He picked her up. Her name was Cynthia Smith. As they were talking, Steve’s cell phone rang. It was Johnny. All he could make out was ouble…help?RV?Highway 50. He knew Johnny had to be in trouble. So they took off down Highway 50 to find him. The spotted the RV that Johnny was talking about so they knew he had to be close. The got out and walked around. Steve spotted something in the sand and he went over to check it out. It was the handlebar of Johnny’s bike. He dug farther and he found his helmet. He knew something was definitely wrong. Steve and Cynthia headed to Desperation to get some help.

When Johnny got to jail, he discovered he wasn’t the only one that Entragian had gotten. Mary Jackson was in a cell to his right. Ralph and Ellen Carver were in a cell to his left. David was in a cell across the room from him with Tom Billingsley. Tom was a resident of Desperation, and also a veterinarian. Entragian came in and put a coyote in the holding cell area to watch guard and he took Ellen with him. David was angry when Entragian took his mother. David knelt down beside the bed and he prayed to God to help him. After about 45 minutes of praying, David got up. He had an idea. There was a sink and a bar of soap in his cell. He took all of his clothes off and lathered himself up with soap. He then slipped through the bars and got out of his cell. While David was doing this, Johnny was distracting the coyote with his jacket. David got out of the holding cell area just as the coyote noticed he was gone. The coyote was possessed by the same “thing” that Entragian was.

David was walking down the hallway in the municipal building and he spotted a bunch of dead bodies hanging on hooks. The last body on the end was his little sister, Kirsten, whom he called Pie. He took her down from the hook she was on and set her on the floor. He folded her hands up and put them on her chest so she looked peaceful. The he proceeded to look for the cell keys. He was walking down the hallway and he went into an office and there was a guy sitting in his desk. He had been shot in the back of the head. He had the keys to the cells on his belt. David took them off of him, along with his gun. David the headed back to the holding cells. When he got there, the coyote was guarding the door. He knew that when he opened the door the coyote would jump on him so he had to shoot him. He opened to door really fast and shot twice. The coyote landed on top of him, but it was dead. David went and let everyone out of the cells. Now they had to figure out what they were gonna do next. Johnny still had his cell phone with him so he decided to call Steve again. He tried to get through but the battery was dead. David took the cell phone from him and pressed redial and it rang. Everyone was amazed because the battery was dead for Johnny. Steve picked up the phone. David told him who he was and that he was with Johnny. He explained what happened to them. He told Steve that he was supposed the meet them at the American West, and old, abandoned movie theater.

While everyone was still locked up, Steve and Cynthia had arrived in Desperation. They stopped at a gas station. There, they picked up Audrey Wilder, the only other living person in Desperation. Entragian had killed the rest of them. Audrey was hiding out in an old laundry mat next to the gas station and she saw them pull up. She went over to them to get help. This is when David had called Steve. Steve discovered that everyone at the gas station was dead. Audrey explained to them that Collie had gone mad and killed every living person human in Desperation, but she had gotten away. After she was done explaining, they headed to the American West to meet up with the others.

When they got there, everyone introduced themselves and told their stories of what had happened to them. It turned out that Audrey was also possessed by the “thing” the possessed Entragian, which was now inside Ellen’s body. Audrey tried to kill David because she knew that he was the only one that could stop Tak, the evil spirit that was killing and possessing people. Audrey tried to choke David to death. When they got David away from Audrey, he was unconscious. Audrey ran out onto the old balcony. As soon as she walked on it, it collapsed on her, taking her down with it. She was killed. They went back to the other part of the theater and they discovered that Mary was gone. Ellen had came and taken her away. Ellen needed Mary’s body because hers was in really bad shape.

While David was unconscious, he had a dream. It explained what was happening in Desperation. When workers in the China Pit uncovered a cave, which was the ini, home of the spirit Tak. This was a very long time ago. All the miners were Chinese workers. They went into see what they had discovered. Inside the cave was millions of can tahs, little figures that held the power of Tak in them. As soon as the miners touched them, they went mad. Two brothers made the roof collapse, trapping everyone in the shaft. It had been closed up for at least one hundred years. Until now, when the mining company decided to reopen the mine which was a bad idea. When they set off the explosives, the cave was uncovered once again. Cary Ripton, head of the mine, went in to see what they had discovered. He found old boned everywhere and can tahs lying all over the place. He picked some of them up and that is when Tak entered his body, letting its evil loose. Cary killed everyone at the mining company and threw their bodies behind one of the warehouses. Cary’s body was getting weak, and that’s when he possessed the body of Entragian. And that’s how it all started.

Now, David said they had to go get Mary. Ellen had taken Mary and locked her in a storage building. Ellen, still possessed by Tak, had gone to the ini in the China Pit. Mary had found a way out of the storage building and was running up out of the pit when Ellen started chasing after her. Tak needed Mary’s body because Ellen’s was falling apart. In the meantime, the others had come to rescue her. She could see the headlights of the Ryder truck they were driving. Ellen got right up behind Mary. She grabbed for her hair, but it was too slippery because of sweat and Ellen’s hand slipped right through it. Then, Ellen collapsed. She was dead. Tak’s spirit then went inside and eagle and flew away to the China Pit. Mary and the others finally got back together. Mary told them what all had happened to her. Now it was time to go down into to China Pit and close it up for good.

The all went into the opening of the cave. The eagle was in there and it had attacked Ralph and killed him. Johnny was going to be the one to close up the pit. In turn, he would have to give his life because the explosives had to be set off by hand. Steve grabbed David and they ran out of the pit. Johnny ran in farther and set off the explosives. He has successfully closed up the cane in the China Pit, and he had taken his own life to do it.

The others headed back to Austin to call the state police. Steve and Cynthia drove Mary to where her car was parked on Highway 50. Mary took David with her. They followed Steve and Cynthia into Austin.


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