Bismark Essay Research Paper

Bismark Essay, Research Paper

Otto Von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815. He was born at Schonhausenin

in the Old Mark of Bradenburg. There were three in his family, no mention of brothers or sisters.

Otto?s father was a Junker and his mother was the daughter of an influential civil servant. He

studied law at Gottingen University at Hanover. Otto had only few tragedies in life. The most

significant was that his mother, Wilhelmine, would give encouragement but showed no outward

signs of love. He was married and had two sons and a daughter.

After studying law, he spent a brief time in the civil service. Otto returned to the

family estate for eight years where he gained a reputation as a hard-drinking womanizer. But he

also was an eloquent speaker. Prince William, the king of Prussia, appointed Bismarck the

ambassador to Russia where he felt Otto would do no harm. Bismarck believed he was realistic but

others felt he was dangerous. Some accused him of being a ?Red Reactionary.? Even though

William and his wife, Queen Augusta, both despised Bismarck. Bismarck talked William into

naming him Prime Minister of Prussia.

Bismarck went to the Prussian Parliament for military funds to achieve supreme

power. When the liberals refused, he took the money without their authorization. The politicians

were upset by his aggressiveness but secretly admired Bismarck for his ability to take control.

Bismarck wanted Prussian domination of Germany.

After the war against Austria when Prussia prevailed, the Prussian people rallied behind

him. The liberals and the conservatives both praised his efforts and gave him a large monetary


Before the French/ Prussian War, Bismarck used his deceptiveness to reword a telegram

from King William which helped incite the Prussians. The Prussians won the war. Bismarck

forced a harsh peace on the French. Money was demanded as retribution from the French.

King William was coronated Kaiser of the Second Reich of a unified German Empire.

Bismarck then turned his hatred to the Catholic Church, who he felt were undermining

the Empire. He attacked the Socialists and blamed them for two attempts on William?s life. He

resigned his position to William when he realized the Emperor would not accept his ideas of war.

Otto von Bismarck died1898.

I really wanted to read about Otto von Bismarck because I heard my brother discuss

him after his college class. He helped to shape Central Europe to become what it is today. He

lead an interesting life and was an unusual character. The things that I found out that were

interesting was the way he tricked Alexander the second, Napoleon the third, and also

Queen Victoria. If I could have had lunch with Bismarck, I would ask him how he was able to

persuade so many people to do things that they felt were wrong.


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