Gay Marriages Essay Research Paper Today in

Gay Marriages Essay, Research Paper

Today in society there are many pressures put upon people by others and their beliefs. One of the major pressures it puts on people is the pressure of homosexuality and whether it is right or wrong. Homosexuality is on the rise in the United States as well as many other countries around the world. Along with the rise of homosexuality is the rise of marriages that are taking place in these socially incorrect relationships. Throughout the country and in other countries there has been a numerous increase in the marriages of homosexuals. Same sex marriages defy the laws of Christianity, and it is immoral in the eyes of society. Homosexuality in all countries has been looked down upon and sometimes condemned. This opposition stems from the Holy Bible. The couple in the Garden of Eden was a man and a woman, not two men or two women. If God intended two men or two women to be together he would have put two men or women in the Garden of Eden, giving them both the ability to have children or to reproduce with the same sex, but that didn t happen. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, for the procreation of life. God wanted man and woman to reproduce with one another in order for the human race to continue. In the bible days, Jesus Christ did a lot of teaching about marriages and the sacred bond involved between a man and a woman. The word marriage means a bond or a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman. Aside from heterosexual marriages being socially and moral correct, men and women are complimentary to one another. As I said before marriage is a bond between two consenting adults of the opposite sex. It has also been stated that the basic building block of society is a strong family.

The family as a institution begins very simple; two people meet, start dating, then as time goes on they get married, then the couple has a child. Heterosexual marriage has also been known as the best environment for the upbringing of children. Studies show that most children who are brought up in a household with a mother and a father are more productive in school and their social life. The environment which offers children the best opportunity to achieve optimal development is one comprised of their biological mother and father or a married male and female. It is in the child’s best interest that this environment be fostered and protected. Children do best when they have the personal involvement and material support of a father and a mother and when both parents fulfill their responsibility to be loving providers.

Studies also show that children brought up in homosexual households have the tendency to have more problems in school, work, and finding friends who don t look at them differently. Children have a fundamental liberty interest in receiving the care, companionship and society of both of their natural parents. At birth, a child has no material possessions and no hope of independent survival. Whether it is biological, or psychological, the bilateral bond that unites a mother and father to their child is all that ensures its survival. A child s adolescent years are very influential what type of adult the child turns out to be in the future. A child s morals are instilled from a young age. Same sex marriages can not instill any morals or values in a young child. In order for a child to learn, he or she must be in an environment for them to learn and a same sex marriage is not one. Same sex marriages only cause conflict, confusion, and problems for the child, some problems for the parents too. Same sex marriage can cause discrimination, discomfort, and heartache; that s why it is considered immoral and defiant in the eyes of society.

There are many states throughout the United States trying to keep homosexuals from getting married all together. On September 21, 1998 President Clinton signed a bill denying federal recognition of same-sex marriages, and that it was no mistake. It is not a great political issue for Clinton but it did anger his loyal gay constituency. Clinton has long been on record as saying he would sign the bill into law, even though he has charged that many of its supporters were just seeking a way to bash gays and lesbians. Clinton’s stand on the marriage issue, for many gays, marks another disappointment in the same vein as the president’s don’t ask, don’t tell’ military service policy. The law leaves it up to each state to decide whether to recognize same-sex marriages. Clinton said the bill also “clarifies, for purposes of federal law, the operative meaning of the terms ‘marriage’ and ’spouse.’” In California the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is a ballot initiative that would protect marriage as only between a man and a woman in California. The DOMA is needed to protect Californians from being forced to accept same-sex “marriages,” even if they are legalized in another state. Judges in three states, including Hawaii, Vermont, and Alaska, are threatening to legalize same-sex “marriages” very soon. In Irving, Texas pastors who perform same-sex marriages can be brought before church courts and charged with disobedience, the United Methodist Church’s highest court ruled. The court announced the church rule against same-sex marriages is a law, not a guideline.

Utah and Hawaii are two states highly up on the topic of homosexual marriages. The state of Utah says that they are going to fight same sex marriages because they feel that it is unconstitutional. Some of the politicians in Utah say that Marriage is the basis of family life, and families are the central to civilization. Robert H. Knight, who is a politician in Utah, says that the law does not discriminate against homosexuals, but it says that each sex must be represented in marriage. The statements stemming from Hawaii are very similar to those coming from Utah. People in Hawaii are questioning the fact of whether it is morally correct. Throughout this time it has been evident that Hawaii will break on the law but the question still remain on whether it is unconstitutional. Freedom to marry does not mean one is free to marry anyone.

The prohibitions on same-sex and plural marriages are based on the cultural view that male-female, monogamous marital relations are basic to society. Consequently, it has consistently been stated that: The couple is the basic unit of society. It is the unit of reproduction, the wellspring of the family and most often the precinct of love, romance and sexuality. The sex-based classification is substantially related to achieving the objective by excluding only those couples who are as a couple, biologically incapable of procreation. In this regard, same-sex couples are physically different and not similarly situated to opposite sexed couples. Sexual relations is an integral part of marriage and “men who wish to marry men” is not a class defined by its gender, it is a class defined by the sexual orientation of the members. Excluding same-sex couples does not give rise to a sex discrimination claim necessitating a heightened scrutiny review. In marriage one of the needs, being met is the need to care for the partner both physically and emotionally. Marriage is a sanction that should be taken in by a man and a woman. Homosexual or same sex marriage is on the rise in the world today. Same sex marriage defies the laws of Christianity, and is immoral in the eyes of society.


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