Born To Be Good Essay Research Paper

Born To Be Good Essay, Research Paper

Born To Be Good

Over the entire human existence, human nature has been based on ones own survival. The minute a human life enters the world, they are born with the most pureity and innocients that they will ever have. As a human baby grows to learn more about life they are introduce to the most imporant athourity that they will ever know. They learn to respect and follow the laws that these athority figures set because these law enforcers are there parents which gave them there life to begain with. Through there very own interpratations humans tend to do and act in good nature. In respect to human goodness, all humans have the instinct to be generaly good because of moral judjment and self intended limites. As the human mind developes over time human nature begains to input life experiences. These life experences is what inhances moral judgement to be good. As we see others and they way they live life it drives us to be better.

Human nature drives its self to live in harmony with each other. We learn to use each others different skills and knowledge to benefit and help humanity s drive for survival. In respect to the limits that law creates it is based on protecting those who take this simple exchange of skills and knowledge for granted. It also gives and opens chanses for those who are less fortunite when dealing with skills or koledge to also have a chance to survive. If law were not to exist we would see that human nature would be in its rawest form and only those who are strong would survive. Law is not set to maintain order because human nature automaticaly tthursts for civalization and order, it is meant to give opprtunity for all human suviviel.

Moral belifes are incroprated into the human condition. Human goodness is brought forwared because of moral judgement. If it is not moraly right humans will not subject them selves to doing the deed. Moral judgemet is tought to us by our parents and religous background. Our parents inflect us with morals that were tought to them and also there own moral values that themselves have developed through life experiences. Our religious background sets rules that are generaly based on good moral intentions. These moral belifes that are though are also why law is followed in such a sierious manner. From childhood we have learnt that it is nesecery to have athourity and rules. Some rules are based on our moral values, but there are also many rules created for the maintance of a sturctured society. Without structure we begain to see our moral values to change still being inherintly good.

As humans develop and grow they set limitations for themselves that are not consiosly chosened, but there sub consious unknowingly sets these limites. These limites include how fare a person will go in respect to sinful offences, what they inturpret to be wrong and uncivilized. These limitations are formed to ristrect human nature to be evil, in turn it drives human nature to be only good.

Even with these limitations we still see that some humans still commit crimanal crimes. The reason why these wrongful offences are commited is because even though humans are good and this goodness is based on there moral judgement and self intended limitations, as stated before the instinc to be good will always be overcome by the natural instinc of surviviel. A human will put all morals intension aside and break laws for survivel because obedience is not as strong as the smell of surveiel. Survieval is another reason why laws are followed the way they are, in order not to be weak we as humans work with competetion to be the best, the strongest because if you are weak there is no oppritunity to live life to its fullest because you would be in a constent fight with survival..


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