Generation X Essay Research Paper I

Generation X Essay, Research Paper

I believe that Generation X exists, however, I do not think that everyone in this generation fits the description peddled by the media. The media feels the need to hang labels on each generation and give them each their own characteristics, but I fail to see the reasoning in all the name calling and insults. The media builds the hype about Generation X, therefore making typical stereotypes seem overwhelmingly to the generation. So, when I am asked the question, “Does Generation X really exist or is it a myth created by the media,” My answer would be yes the generation does exist in certain aspects, moreover as a myth though.

11-3-96 Each generation is divided into age groups. Because I am between the ages of eighteen and thirty-two I am known as a Generation X er. The media has given each generation it s own name and characteristics. Some of the characteristics placed on Generation X are unambitious, underachievers, and lazy slackers who can only get McJobs. The media tells us that we are spoiled individuals who are afraid of commitment. The media also complains that we blame everything on the “baby boomers” and other generations before us. I disagree with this accusation, because our generation is not the only generation to put blame on other generations. Every generation tends to blame the previous generation for the problems of the world, and not just the X ers. The X ers are not the first to put blame on the antecedent generation; it has happened for generations. We do blame boomers for the financial hardships that we, as X ers, are facing. I believe that the younger generation are just as qualified to work the jobs as the older generations are, but that the older generation got to the jobs first. As one writer stated, “The boomers have the job market in a full nelson, asphyxiating any hope we have of approaching their collective wealth…they just had the luck to be born at the beginning of the largest industrial boom of any nation s history.”

The general response of my peers towards generation X, was of the same disbelief. My peers believe that some X ers do fit the quota for being slackers, but to stereotype a certain group is completely irrelevant to the entire population. My peers also believe that the media has always had a strong threshold of keeping this myth alive. This is the direct correlation between the myth and reality. This media controlling myth has a powerful influence in society, because the media can get this message across to all people. The myth tends to lean towards the negative aspects rather than the positive aspects of a labeled generation. So as my generation is described as slackers and deadbeats, we never hear of the positive factors that make us look good. This is why these other generations such as the Baby-Boomers are controlling a major hold in the industrial world. Industrialization tends to favor these other groups because they are not labeled as the slackers of society. In a lot of cases, X ers are more qualified because of the education received that is modern to this ever-growing technological society.

I do not believe that every one fits the media s description. There are, of course, kids who do not want to work and just want everything handed to them in life. There have been kids like this for many generations, though, and there will be more like this in generations to come. Most Young adults have been raised with the belief that you will only get what you work for in life. The only real difference between my generation and the ones before mine are times and values tend to change over a period of time. Our values have changed in favor of the continuance, and to keep up with the ever growing high-tech world.

In my opinion, Generation X does exist, but it is also a myth created by the media. It is a myth because the media exaggerates and builds up the characterizations beyond reality. The media will always hang labels and give each new generation its own interesting characteristics even though a lot of the time they downplay the group. However, I do not think it is right for them to put down the hard workers and make them sound like they are nothing but slackers. I guess the reason the media makes the generations sound so mythical is because it s the myths that sell in the real world.


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