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Evolutionism Essay, Research Paper


What is Evolution? Evolution is the theory that all living things in the world have come

into being through a non-guided, natural process starting from a primeval mass of subatomic

particles and radiation, over 20 billion years ago (History). This theory says that all living things

have increased intelligence or have changed in other ways over many, many years.

The theory of evolution hasn t been around for ever. Before the 20th century, people

wanted to understand the world around them, but many of them believed that God created

everything. A small number of scientists believed that living things had evolved from each other

and there was no God. The theory was sort of a dream or manifestation without any original

grounds for belief. Over time more and more people looked into evolutionism and they

developed possibilities of how it occurred. Many theories were developed, but someone always

disproved them. Recently with the discovery of genetic mutation and a new understanding of

genes and DNA, the evidence supporting evolution has greatly increased.

Charles Darwin was one scientist who helped to increase the evidence supporting

evolution. Darwin developed the idea of natural selection where living things that reproduced

in large numbers and survived became dominant and other living things adapted to survive, or

they died. Francis Crick, a scientist, co-discovered DNA which opened new doors to the idea of

evolutionism (History). DNA is the pattern by which people are created as individuals. Now

Evolutionism is the only origin of life that can be taught in public schools. However, in private

schools, students may be taught whatever the school wishes to teach them about the origin of

life. States have done this because not everyone has the same religious beliefs regarding the

origin of life and this was the solution that worked best.

I feel that humans and all other forms of life were created by God. How else could

something so outrageously complex be created?


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