Life Of Stephen Crane Essay Research Paper

Life Of Stephen Crane Essay, Research Paper

Page1 The life of Stephen Crane was very confusing. In this paper I am going to discuss the novels he wrote, his life growing up, and how his novels became popular. Stephen Crane grew up in Newark, New Jersey on November 1, 1871. Stephen Crane was the fourteenth child of Jonathan Townley Crane and Mary Helen Crane. Stephen’s family moved in 1874, then in 1876, then again in 1878 because Stephen’s father was a doctor of Methodist ecclesiastic. Then in 1878 they ported to New York State. Where Doctor Crane had died two years later in 1880. After this Crane started to write stories for the local paper and the New York Tribune, discovers that Stephen is a really good writer because of this Stephen moves to Asbury. In 1884 Agnes Crane dies, one who Stephen was closest to. She dies from spinal meningitis. In 1888 Stephen enrolls in Claverck College. During the summer Crane writes a story for his brother. In 1890, Stephen failed his courses at college so he doesn’t return after Christmas break. In 1891 Stephen attends in Syracuse University which he also plays baseball for. In 1892 Stephen was fired from his publishing job for the New York Tribune, So he settles in a rooming house in Manhatten. In 1893 Stephen pays for a bum called Maggie to get a private picture of her, and this is where he deceides to start his first novel called the Red Badge of Courage. In 1894 Crane rights an abridged copy of “The Red Badge of Courage.” In 1897 Stephen embarks on a commodore ship that is sailing to Cuba to give them weapons. In 1898 the United States had declared war on spain. In the 1900’s the girl Stephen is seeing brings her to a Sanatorium, Where he dies.

In 1893 Crane started to write his first story called ” The Red Badge of Courage.” Crane began writing this novel when he failed out of college and was living in a roomig house. his novel deals with mysteries, his life, and the war he had expierenced. People always told him that his novel was a masterpiece, they also said that he has a great historical backround. His novel was mostly based around war although he had never been to war before. People thought his book was non-fiction but it was mere imagination so they said. In conclusion Stephen Crane a boy who gre up as nothing became famous with his unique way of writing. Stephen was very much influenced by his writing so he progressed to be the man that he was just by the novels he had wrote.


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