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Dark Hart Essay, Research Paper

Dark Hart

Dark Hart is a fantasy story. It happens in Chicago in the late 20th century. The main characters of the story are Justinian and Lt. Sandra McCormick. Justinian or Justin as he is called has a long past. He was born in England in the fourteenth century, he was a lord then. When the Black Death came he, his wife Gwendolyne and his kids got ill. His wife and kids died from the plague but he survived. He survived because when he was dying a dragon appeared in his mirror and offered him immortality which he accepted. But the price of immortality was eternal service to the dragon. Now Justin lives in his night club in Chicago called Gwendolyne?s Flight. Still serving his dragon master. Sandra is a homicide detective in Chicago. She is divorced and lives with her younger brother Benny.

Sandra is investigating strange murders which seem to be comitted by the same person. She has few and very strange clues. She tries to clear her head and go?s out where she meets Justin and gets involved with him.

With time she gets closer to the unbelievable truth that dragons exist and that Justin is the murderer that she is trying to find. She also discovers that he can chance into a dragonling (some sort of mini dragon) that has many strange powers. As she gets closer to the truth the dragon gets angrier at Justin for not killing her to conceal the dragons existence and makes Justin feel more and more pain as he delays it. Mean wile Kalsar one of the dragons servant who hates Justin makes it harder for Justin to hide the truth from Sandra. When Sandra has discovered the truth Justin tries to convince her to join the dragon and become immortal. While she is thinking about it Justin convinces her brother to join the dragon and he accepts. When she finds out she gets mad and does not want to talk to him. Mean wile Kalsar tries to kill her to help Justin please the dragon. But Justin manages to hold him of but when she refuses to join the dragon the dragon makes Justin feel so much pain that he cant resist killing Sandra. After killing her he gets very mad and fly’s home where he meets Kalsar and kills him with magically enhanced sword. Benny sees Justin kill Sandra and Kalsar. He steels Kalsars body and eats his wings, Justin had told him earlier that dragon wings stored the dragons power, while eating the wings he feels the power come to him and he starts to plot his revenge against Justin.

Dark Hart is only the first book in the Dragon Disciple.


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