Packing List Rave Essay Research Paper English

Packing List- Rave Essay, Research Paper

English 235

September 16, 1996

Packing List: Rave

He felt alone.

Staring at the empty spot where his car had been, Tad Stevens noticed shards of broken glass, dried up bubble gum, and trampled rave flyers. Fresh tread marks graced the dull gravel. Compton was not a safe place to be stranded, 300 miles away from home.

Technostate was a huge gathering of partiers, ravers. Tad had come, decked out in a vinyl neon green jacket, baggy jeans, and a black shirt with “Intel Outside” printed on it. Loony Tunes boxers peeked out beneath a yellow plastic belt. The Cat in the Hat would be proud to see his candycane striped socks, covered by Adidas tennis shoes. His hair was matted back with sweat, and his eyes glazed with sleep. Around his neck he wore an obscure necklace of an alien fetus in a test tube.

Tad carried the necessities in his makeshift backpack: a Tricks cereal box. He carried a small bottle of water, Donald Duck Pez container, a green glowstick, and a fifty dollar bill. He carried some earlier purchases of hardcore mixtapes: Ron D. Core and DJ Dan. He also had leftover blowpops that he had been passing around, and a handful of flyers he had received. He carried his driver’s license, now useless since he was lacking a vehicle. He carried a set of keys, with a car alarm remote. What company was he covered by? He would have to call them later.

He had nothing to alleviate his current difficulty. He had some money, but not enough for a cab ride back to San Diego at 5am. He was sure that cabbies didn’t take pez as currency. He felt ill-equip, and mortified that his car alarm hadn’t stopped the theft.

He carried the guilt of sneaking away to attend Technostate. He was living at home, and had told his parents he was going to spend the night at a friend’s house. He would have to face them. He would have to face the insurance agency. He would have to face his dad.

What do you mean your 1965 Thunderbird disappeared?? He felt trapped, helpless, as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. Responsibility. It comes with freedom. It’s a curse, a deadweight learning excersise.

He had his pez, which he popped into his mouth. He clutched his alien fetus; what a prime opportunity for an abduction! He sat down where his car once purred to a stop.

“Hey man, need a ride?” a friendly voice asked.

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