Teen Pop Sensationstrue Talent Essay Research Paper

Teen Pop Sensationstrue Talent Essay, Research Paper

Tina Scherzer

Teen Pop Sensations:

True Talent or Just Pretty Faces?

You can t walk into a supermarket these days without

seeing a little girl impersonating Britney Spears or wearing a

Christina Aguilera tee shirt. Everywhere you look you can see

brainwashed pop sensation zombies. It makes one think, what

exactly are the youth of today worshipping? Have we truly

dropped the standards of talent for no more than a pretty face?

The first thing we need to ask ourselves is who are these pop

stars and where did they come from? My resources have informed

me that these so called musicians are the result of mutated Barbie

dolls bred in a secretive factory in Florida. Brought up with no

moral character, they strive on sex appeal and insecure

adolescents. The few brain cells that actually cling onto the

cobwebs in their brains, have long been exterminated by the high

doses of bleach that have seeped through their scalps. Their faces

are spackled with excessive makeup and their bodies are poorly

dressed with obscene cloths since birth. Obsessive agents draw

the teens into their cult with one mission: to brainwash the children

of the world. These select teens have been chosen to fill your

childs head with catchy songs, full of subliminal messages. How

else can you explain the attraction to songs whose lyricists should

be shot?

It s pretty sad when someone can croon out music a dog could

out sing, and still be rich and famous. As for the dance moves, well

who couldn t dance after years of being robotically trained? These

walking Wonderbra s act as if they care about their fans, when

really they are laughing in their faces. Of course concert tickets are

only a zillion dollars a piece, for entertainment that can t even be

performed live, because of lack of talent. The snazzy dance moves

are a cover for the singing that is mouthed, yet we ll never actually


What kind of impression are we giving our children when

their role models are selling their bodies for fame? These singers

might as well be called the prostitutes of the music industry. These

singers are sadly raising our children, filling their heads with

nothing but midriff tops and sex appeal. And all our children want

to be just like them. But hey, who cares, they re all rich and

beautiful right? Why don t we just throw our children into the

Pop Cult pit? Then we ll be zombies too.

In our studios today we are lucky enough to have the Bubble

Gum Princess herself, Britney Spears. She will be answering some

questions from adoring fans, concerned parents, and the inquisitve

media. Please welcome Britney Spears!

Tina Walters: Hello Britney, how are you today?

Britney Spears: Hi, y all. I d be fine if you could get a nice cushion for my little butt.

T.W: Ha, ha. Can someone get Ms. Spears a cushion for her little butt? Britney, what do you think about your increasing popularity in the past few years?

B.S: Well, first of all I d like to thank all my fans, (the little brats) for coming out and spending all their money on… I mean supporting me.

T.W: What do you have to say about critics who claim you can t sing?

B.S: Darn it, I can sing, I can. My mamma and agants tell me so everyday.

T.W: Then why do you never sing live?

B.S: Duh, cause it will ruin my career.

T.W: Who tells you that?

B.W: My agant says singing live will strain my beautiful voice.

T.W: Ok. Well, Britney, many concerned parents are wondering why you insist on performing half naked at all your shows?

B.S: Well how else am I supposed to sell records dummy?… I mean, uh, it gets really hot up there.

T.W: What message do you feel you are giving the youth of America?

B.S: As long as you re young, beautiful and skinny, you can get whatever you want.

T.W: Your agents claim that you try to maintain a virginal image. Do you?

B.S: I m supposed to be a virgin! Ha, ha, who would believe that?

T.W: Excuse me, oh. Unfortunately we are going to have to break to a commercial. Britney Spear s agents are demanding that we take her off the air. Up next…. is there really too much violence in schools. This is Tina Walters.



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