Camelot Kennedy Lagacy Essay Research Paper At

Camelot Kennedy Lagacy Essay, Research Paper

At one point in time, Camelot was known as place where love was true and passionate, and where knights fought for their king with great dedication. The Camelot of that era was very storybook. The name Camelot was then attached to the Kennedy legacy. Was it a true Camelot or was the difference very distinct. Some say that he difference was very noticeable and shocking. Others say, they can’t see any difference. Were some people blind to the dishonesty? Or were they justifying the dishonesty with the accomplishments that had been made? These are just a couple of questions that had been asked to a few chosen voters that remember that time well. The following are some of the responses I received:

The first question that was asked was about what Kennedy accomplished during his term in office. The stories and memories did not differ for the most part. The most common accomplishment that was mentioned was the Cuban Missile Crisis. The memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis were very clear. As one voter said, “Sometimes the things you will remember the most, are the scary situations in your life. The Crisis, although eventually was resolved, was frightening due to the nuclear response. The thought of nuclear fall-out was devastating.”

Another voters response was, “Even though I was thinking of all the nuclear weapons, I was also watching a country stand and backing the president. The people were in awe of the president Americans were proud to be Americans, willing to do anything for their country.”

The next question that was asked was about all of the negative stories that were being told about the Kennedy’s. The comments about the negative aspects of the presidency were also alike. “The Bay of Pigs was one of the most popular downfalls of the presidency, the president was taking the advise of his predecessors. He gambled and lost” As one voter said. Another voter said that the Bay of Pigs was al learning experience for the beginner president. He was young and still learning.”

“The presidency was nothing but a pimp farm.” As one voter so eloquently put it. The White House had become something that never had been seen in the modern age. As a poll once said, on the average, probably 90% of the presidents that have been in office have probably been unfaithful to their wives. How much has been hidden from the public eye? Did the popularity of the president cover up the scandals of the “sleeping around”?

I then asked the question, “How do you feel about Jack Kennedy’s faithfulness to his wife?” One voter asked that if the president would lie to the wife, would he lie to his country? One voter had a question for myself. I don’t remember anything that happened during that time, but I answered to best of my knowledge. The question was as follows. “What do you think happened to Marilyn Monroe?” My response was simply this, “The evidence shows of a drug overdose, some believe however that it was a cover up. Marilyn was trying to get publicity from the romance. It was hurting the Kennedy name. What wasn’t realized though, was that there was an already established reputation. Jack was known through the White House as Jack the Zipper. He could have possibly had a different woman every night. The thought of Jack having Jackie, a beautiful woman, wanting to have so many other women was not easily established in my thoughts.” The challenges that Kennedy had put on the Americans, were not simple challenges. Kennedy had once felt that the American people had fallen asleep, and that they needed the challenges. A couple of challenges that the president had given the people during those times were; civil rights, being the first to make it to the moon, and the first tax cut. Through the ambition of the president, and the dedication of the people of the United States, those challenges were soon accomplished. Although, challenges, was nothing new to Kennedy’s heritage. One of the Kennedy’s once said, “Never lose or come in second.” That single quote was the motto of the Kennedy clan.


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