Cloning Essay Research Paper A clone is

Cloning Essay, Research Paper

A clone is really just a time-delayed identical twin of another animal or person. Cloning is accomplished by getting two cells to fuse to become one. The egg gains a full set of genes from the adult and thinks it has been fertilized. Then it begins to divide and become identical twin or clone of the adult.

There are many different good things that could come from this new science. One way it would be helpful is reversing heart attacks. Some scientists believe that they would be able to treat heart attack victims by cloning their healthy heart cells and injecting them into the areas of the heart that have been damaged.

Another helpful way cloning would be. Is to create organs or tissues to replace damaged ones. Some scientists believe that it would be possible to create these tissues or organs. Human cloning can also help parents that can not have a child have one.

One more way cloning would be helpful in animals is that we could create the perfect animal that would produce what we wanted. It would have no flaws and would live long enough. It would also be immune from diseases.

Cloning could also become harmful. People could go and create the perfect person. But what is perfect? Another way that cloning could be harmful with the research going to far. Is that people with the money are the only people that would be able to clone.

The government should take action on this. They should not let the cloning go on. It is not right to create people. People should be created the old fashioned way. Congress should be the level of government taking action on this issue. They can make a law that would not allow it to be done. Sure they would make the law but people would still be doing it.

The emotional aspect of cloning is that people are getting the wrong view of cloning from fiction novels, like “Frankenstien”, they think that clones will be zombies. Many people find human cloning disgusting but there are many things also that people find disgusting like sex changes. But people are letting that happen. This is said by many people for cloning.

The scientific group of people are pushing for cloning as much as they can. They are looking to do cloning and create the perfect being. If they proceed with cloning they can open other things.

Religious groups are against cloning. They are saying cloning is confusing natures course.


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