Mockingbird Essay Research Paper To Kill A

Mockingbird Essay, Research Paper

?To Kill A Mockingbird? Characterization

My name is Joseph Medeles and I have a secret to tell you, I have a twin! I bet you are thinking ? I didn?t know Joseph had a twin.? I do and his name is Jem Finch. We were separated at birth and I just found out a few days ago that I was going to meet him, and so I decided to find out some information about him at the library. Yes, you read right, the library. Somebody decided to put my twin brother in a story called ? How To Kill A Mockingbird.? Who would ever figure, but anyway, I would like to tell you a little bit about him because its amazing how much he is like me. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this secret I am telling you about.

First, I would like to tell you about my twin brother and then tell you about me, and I will show you how much we are alike. My brother, Jem is 13, like me, loves sports, and also loves to have fun. For instance, Jem was always running and wrestling with this character named Scout in this story. Whenever he had the chance, he would play; whether it was football, basketball, or rolling in a tire he loved to mess around. Jem is just like me, because anytime I have a friend over, or my friends and me are playing, we love to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Though Jem may sound like a silly, playful young man he is also a very aware and responsible person. He was always watching Scout, who was his sister, and making sure she was safe. This was very responsible of Jem and showed a lot of dependability on his part. Jem must get this trait from me because I am always responsible; no matter if it means taking out the garbage, to baby-sitting a little girl, I am always responsible for my actions and what I do. Jem is a calm natured and mannered young adult who doesn’t get into fights or cause a lot of trouble, though he is known to let that mischievous side get out sometimes. That mischievous side though, is most of the time as a result of his feelings. One example is when Jem used some vulgar language at an older lady because she made some rude remarks about this fictional father of his, so in turn, because of the anger enraging his mind, he went and cut off all her camellias. I know where Jem is coming from because that is just what I would do. It feels as though your brain is about to explode, because your feeling is so strong, no matter if the feeling is right or wrong, you act upon it because of the magnitude of it. It is almost as if Jem and I don?t think before we act, which in turn, hurts us a lot. These are a few details of how Jem and I are alike, but in generalization, Jem is a mature, energetic, well-mannered, yet sometimes impish adolescent. This sweeping statement of Jem describes me to the T.

So now, when you read about this character by the name of Jem Finch, you are really reading about the characterization of Joseph Medeles. If you forget why we are so much alike, remember I shared with you a really deep secret…We are twins!


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