Walden Ii Essay Research Paper WALDEN II

Walden Ii Essay, Research Paper


Elizabeth: Good, I am glad I found you here. It seems you are finally getting comfortable with our ways.

Sara: Yes, well I have slept so good these past two nights that I woke up rather early this morning. I usually don’t even eat breakfast at home, but everything is so good here.

Elizabeth: That is very true. Breakfast is my favorite meal here, sometimes; I wake up extra early just so I can help in the preparation.

Sara: Really, I am impressed. I could never wake up that early, especially on a school day.

Beth: Why is that?

Sara: Why can’t I wake up?

Beth: Yes, why are you so tired in the mornings?

Sara: Are you serious?

Beth: Yes of course I am.

Sara: Where should I start? Okay well I start by giving you my weekly schedule. Everyday of the week I have to be awake by 6:00 am. I get dressed, and chug down a cup of coffee to keep me awake. I try to be out the door between 7:15: and 7:30. Although I only live about ten miles away from school, I have to leave my house extra early, to beat the traffic, and drop off my little brother. No matter what time I leave my house, I always seem to hit a huge amount of traffic and I am always late. I always worry about walking into first period late.

Beth: Why are you worried?

Sara: Well, my first period teacher lectures a lot, and I feel rude when I walk in during the middle of a lecture.

Beth: I am sorry to interrupt you, but I still do not understand why you are so tired, all you have to do is go to bed earlier.

Sara: Things just aren’t that simple, I don’t get home until nearly 3:30. On Mondays I tutor from 3:30 –5:30, on Tuesdays I have Youth Educator meetings from 6:00- 9:30, and every other week I have Contra Costa Times Teen advisory board meetings. On Wednesdays I have a community college class from 4:00 – 7:00pm, and I work on the weekends. On top of all of this I have hours of homework, and college applications to fill out.

Beth: I understand why you are tired, but I don’t understand why you chose to participate in activities that you don’t enjoy.

Sara: I don’t really have a choice. I have to go to school, to get an education…even though in four out of six of my classes, all I do is get more homework to do outside of school, so they pretty much waste my time. Well I push myself so I can get into a good college, so I can get a good job, and be happy.

Beth: You always have a choice. Why do you live a life in order to become happy? Why are you not happy everyday?

Sara: I see your point, but all the pressure I have I put on myself. What is so much better about school here?

Beth: First on all we learn about what we want to, no one tells us what to learn.

Sara: Then don’t you lack the fundamentals?

Beth: Absolutely not. We embrace learning and often go beyond what is taught in normal schools.

Sara: You mean to say you like math.

Beth: Yes of course, what is not to like about math? The only reason that you dislike a subject is because you find it tedious and difficult, correct?

Sara: When you put it that way I agree.

Beth: Well, our teachers are not burdened with crowded classrooms and lack of time. Someone will work with us until we fully comprehend the material.

Sara: I suppose that makes sense. If I completely understood Pre-Calculus, I would have had not trouble going on to calculus…

Beth: How would you like to take a walk.

Sara: That sounds nice. I would like to go to the pond again if you don’t mind.

Beth: Sure.

Sara: I was wondering…I understand, that you can become or do anything you like here, but it takes away that driving force. I am referring to goals, and dreams. If I didn’t have goals or dreams, I don’t think that my life would have a purpose.

Beth: Our life has a purpose, we live to do our part. We can do whatever we like in order to accomplish that.

Sara: What do you do for a living?

Beth: We don’t rely on money to live. We work in order to receive credits which “pay” for all of our consumption’s here. Clothes, food, medical treatment, and our homes are paid for with credits.

Sara: Are things rationed then?

Beth: We have no reason to do that, people only take what they will use.

Sara: What about competition, what about being on top. What motivates you to do better?

Beth: We need no competition, no one is on the top, everyone in on an equal field. We don’t try to do better, because we already do our best.

Sara: Bull*censored*, no one is the same.

Beth: That’s not what I am saying, we just do our best everyday and there is nothing to improve upon.

Sara: I know that this sounds rude, but why does everything you say sound like you read it out of the Walden 2 handbook? Do you have any opinions of your own?

Beth: Of course I do. Everything I say is from my own thoughts, no one else’s. In fact in our studies on the modern society, we learned that in fact people outside of Walden II are more influenced by their parents than anyone else. Children tend to take the opinions of their parents and adopt them as their own.

Sara: In some regards I agree with you, but here it seems like everyone is exactly the same.

Beth: That is not true, we have different things for different people. Like in some rooms we play only on type of music, and not everyone likes it.

Sara: You don’t see it do you?

Beth: See what?

Sara: Never mind. You were saying that our parents influence us, what makes you any different?

Beth: Well at Walden II, we are pretty much raised by everybody. Everybody loves all of the children like their own and has a hand in raising them.

Sara: That’s impossible, you can’t love other’s children like your own, it just doesn’t work that way.

Beth: It does though, as a child you know who your parents are, but you also know any adult is willing to help you. In an area in which your parents may one weak another will excel, and as a result you will gain more.

Sara: …well, what do you do for fun them?

Beth: Everything we do is fun, or at least enjoyable. I guess you are more interested in traditional fun. We see movies, and we play games, and sometimes we have dances.

Sara: Do teenagers date?

Beth: Well, yes and no.

Sara: Which is it yes or no?

Beth: Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Sara: Yes.

Beth: Did you love him?

Sara: I believe I did.

Beth: At anytime could you see yourself marrying him?

Sara: At some point later on in life.

Beth: Why did you feel you needed to wait?

Sara: There were plenty of reasons, I wanted to finish school, I didn’t feel like I was ready to have kids yet, and we wouldn’t be able to support ourselves.

Beth: Do you see that couple over there with the baby…

Sara: They look younger than us, don’t tell me that’s their baby.

Beth: It is, and they have been married for a year. You see all of the reasons that you gave are not valid at Walden Two. The young couple has no trouble supporting themselves. Children are raised in the same manner regardless of the age of their parents. They earn their part in the community and are equal to all generations before them.

Sara: Yet they are so young, how can they be ready?

Beth: I presume you are only referring to their emotional “readiness”?

Sara: Well yes, I suppose that is what I mean.

Beth: In your society young love is looked upon as immature and not serious. That is wrong. The intense love that is felt when people are young, is the most intense love they will ever feel in their lives. We see no logical reason to delay what is natural.

Sara: Could you imagine having a baby so young?

Beth: Of course I can I am engaged and I my wedding is being planned as we speak.

Sara: Why, now though?

Beth: Why not?

Sara: Don’t you want to live your life, explore new places, travel the world and have some adventures.

Beth: People only feel a need to do such things, when they feel dissatisfied with their lives. I am fully satisfied and I don’t feel a need to do such things.

Sara: Well, how do you know that this boy you are going to marry is the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Beth: I just know in my heart.

Sara: What if he cheats on you?

Beth: He won’t, such things are unheard of at Walden Two.

Sara: Won’t you always wonder about other men?

Beth: No I am satisfied with my life, only when people are not satisfied do problems arise.

Sara: Give me another example.

Beth: Okay for instance we don’t have alcoholics or drug addicts her at Walden Two. In fact such substances are banned from Walden Two.

Sara: I understand some people abuse drugs and alcohol, when they are unhappy, but what about people who just enjoy an occasional glass of wine with their meal?

Beth: Again there is always a reason behind it that we do not have here at Walden Two.

Sara: Okay, so why do I like to have a beer at a party once in awhile.

Beth: In a social atmosphere, it is to take the edge off and allow you to feel more comfortable. We are very comfortable here and do not feel the need.

Sara: Wrong! I only like to drink when a party is outside, and I am freezing!

Beth: *giggling* okay I see your point.

Sara: Aren’t you curious, don’t you wan to see how people really live outside of Walden Two? I know you get newspapers and magazines, but aren’t you the least bit curious?

Beth: I suppose.

Sara: Wouldn’t you like to meet new people and see how the rest of the world lives with your own eyes?

Beth: Yes a part of me has always wondered about that.

Sara: So do it. When my car gets fixed come with me. Just come on the rest of my road trip. No promises, no commitment. I will even pay for you bus fair back, if you want to come back that is.

Beth: I am certain I would, but I still don’t know.

Sara: What don’t you know, you told me you are a free to choose to do whatever you like. Maybe what you said was not true then.

Beth: It was, fine I will go just to prove that you are wrong then.

Sara: Tell you what if when we finish our trip, and we both find Walden Two is better I will return with you.

Beth: So you see the positive side of Walden Two after all.

Sara: I do indeed, but I see the need for uncertainty in life as well.

Beth: Well let’s make our arrangements and we will decide once and for all….

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