Fear And Loathing In The Shakespearian Age

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When you hear the excuse, ” My environment made me do it.” You expect to hear it from

A former gang member on an early morning talk show. But to hear it from Hamlet requires a

double take. I think that Prince Hamlet was a victim of the people around him. I.E. Rosencrantz,

Guildenstern, Polonius, Laertes, Gertrude, and Claudius.

I will start off by telling you why Claudius is involved in Hamlet s destruction. The first

time is in Act I, scene 2, line’s 109-117. ” You are the most immediate to the throne/ We beseech

you, bend you to remain here [In Denmark]…” Claudius says this as a test for Hamlets wisdom.

If Hamlet agrees with the king, he becomes a sitting duck for the King to kill him. But if he

leaves, then he can raise an army and overthrow Claudius. The latter doesn t appeal to Claudius

that much. Gertrude persuades Hamlet to stay in Denmark, not for the king, but for the queen.

The queen is not an innocent bystander as well. She shows her dark side when she is

talking to Ophelia about their (Hamlet & Ophelia s) relationship, ” To my sick soul (As sins true

nature is) each toy seems prologue to some great amiss” (IV,v,17-18). She is referring towards

how she disapproves of it, for one, Ophelia s social standing. And two, if Hamlet would become

King of Denmark, he would name Ophelia Queen, thus sending Gertrude out into the street to

find a new profession.

Polonius work is more behind the scenes than anything, he is the cheering section for the

King, and play s homewrecker with Ophelia & Hamlet, at one point Polonius says to Ophelia, ”

Tender yourself more dearly, or (Not to crack the wind of the poor phrase) tend ring it thus

you ll tender me a fool” (I,iii,107-109). Meaning that if Hamlet was to embarrass her, he would

also be embarrassing her father as well. Another trait that Polonus possessed was the remarkable

talent of telling someone what they wanted to hear, and then gossip about other people, which

the term “Rat” suits him very well.

I guess the biggest laughing stalk of the whole play were Rosencrantz & Guildenstern.

Childhood friends of Hamlet out to do only one thing, to be on the good side of the king.

After Polonius long expected death, These two took over polonius job of stool pigeon for the

king. These two were the last “Thorns” in Hamlet s side, so when Hamlet was captured by the

pirates, he forged the notes to show that Rosencrantz & Guildentstern were to die.

And finally we come to the last player that causes the downfall of Hamlet, Laertes.

Laertes is more of Hamlets dark side than anything. If someone would upset Hamlet, he would

try to reason with the person. If the same thing would happen to Laertes, the only reasoning he

would be doing is with his sword. A perfect situation would be after Polonius death, Laertes

gathers a group of men, marches into the castle, walks up to the King and demands for his

father s murderer to be killed. The King decides to seal Hamlets fate by creating the duel.

Funny thing this duel was, it was designed for Hamlets death, but it also killed those who

oppressed him the most, the King and the Queen.

Everyone tries to find an excuse for some flaw in their life. If you are fired, the boss was

out to get you. If you lose $500 in a poker game, the dealer stacked the deck in his favor. But

for Hamlet you would expect him to say. ” My environment made me this way”. What way? A

rich whining brat who loves to cry over spilt milk? I believe so, do you?



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