Hemispheric Dominance Essay Research Paper Hemispheric dominance

Hemispheric Dominance Essay, Research Paper

Hemispheric dominance is half of the brain that tends to exercise greater control over certain functions like movement language of the right or left side of the body. I am more to the right side of my brain but I?m not that far away from the middle. So this makes me middle right dominant. I think people in the middle right use intuition and creativity to achieve certain things, instead of making an outline o detailed plan of the action. If you plan too much it limits things that could happen some of them might be good spontaneous things. For example we planed to go to Las Vegas last year in March. We had everything we needed and we were about to leave. At the last minute I had to the bathroom. Everybody was downstairs waiting for me I finally finished just as I was going to close the door the phone rang I answered it was my uncle he was going to Mexico that day.

He ask me if I wanted to go with them I said sure let me ask my, dad I ran downstairs and gave my hgom the phone. They talked for about a half an hour and my dad decided that?s we were going to Mexico. Spontaneous things are not always good. This happened to my cousin and I two years ago. We were home alone at his house, and his parents were supposed to be home already. Two hours past I decided I wanted to play some basketball. Minutes later he came out side with some key I kept on playing with out asking him anything. As I turn around he stared the car I ran to him and ask him ?what the hell are you doing?. I told him to get out of the car but he accelerated and the engine which overthrew my voice so he could not hear me. He stops accelerating and tells me to get in so I said the hell with it let?s go. We were driving along about five block away from his house perfectly till a police officer pull him over The officer ask him how old he was he said 16 put he was only 14 he looked old because he had mustache. The officer ask him for his license he said I don?t have one a have my permit so the officer said let me see it. The permit was not his put, his brothers he said he was his bother and the officer bought it he told us to be care full and to go home. He followed use all the way home and as soon as we got home and park his parents came out side and yelled at him. I tried not to laugh because he was in trouble. His parents did not see the officer in the car until he came out of the car. The officer asked him parents if he was eligible to drive and they said yes they were obviously lying so the officer would not do anything so he leaf. My cousin was in so much trouble he could not drive any kind of car till he is eighteen. Every time I see him I make fun of him by asking him if he want?s to go for a ride; All he does is stares at me and then laughs. That?s why you should always use all your brain not gust half of it.

Using bought sides of the brain can be more helpful than just being on one side.

Sure you it may be hard at times but it will be easier as you get older. Using both side of the brain can help you chose the good friends. For instants you star taking to a person the left side of your brain is working on the verbal skills know when they stared talking to you understand them more because you are using the right brain which is liseting to the person. Using the right and left brain is important if you want the conversation to go on. Knowing if you are right or left brain dominant can help you chose a career. For example A left brain dominant person would rather in an office with everything neat and organized and is always focused. On the other hand a right person might be just be the opposite of everything put will be more relaxed doing it. This is not always true take me for instincts I like being organized and I would like to work in an office rather than working outside and I?m right brain dominant so this disproves the theory if your right bran dominant you only do right brain actions and vise versa. I would like to be graphic designer that career would require me to use my right and left brain and by using bought sides anything is possible. In this case being organized and neat will help me be in control of what I could do to the movie, video game or other sort of graphic design. Using the right brain I could physically draw my ideas before doing them. Visualize things in my head and after doing some drawing I will get the feel of how the it should or could be done. The brain hemispheric test that I took were all about the same they pointed me as being middle right dominate because I use more things from the right brain than the left put I think the left things are more important so it balances out. In conclusion none if the hemispheres are is better than the other put combined they are overpowering if you think about it.


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