One Scary Night Essay Research Paper The

One Scary Night Essay, Research Paper

The One Scary Night

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy that lived in a small town of Roughville. They were best friends. They did every thing together sleep, eat, just everything. There were about 700 people in the Roughville. Most of which were hard workers in the town next to Roughville. This is was where all the businesses were located and most of the people worked there. So most of the times they were left alone with the caregiver. Jack and Katie usually got up around 9 o clock to go and see what Katie was up to and they would got outside and play at the woods over by the end of town. One day during the summer they went on there usually route and went into the wood. Walking around having a good time they heard a weird noise and all of a sudden stop and shut up trying not to make a noise.

After they stopped and listen to what they heard they heard a man talking sometime. But who every the other person was didn t make a sound but some type of deep slow whisper but it was not English. Then they heard the noise start walking again but this time walking straight towards them. So they ran there fastest to their house and ran to their room and started talking about was happen. Jack s caregivers LaKisha came into the room and ask what was going on coming in the house and running straight towards your room. What is wrong, said LaKisha.

Then Jack and Katie started to tell what happen and LaKisha didn t believe was they were saying and told them not to lie and not to go back in the woods ever again. So later that day Jack and Katie when back into the woods to look around to see if they could find any clues so they could show LaKisha. Walking around in the bushes Jack thought he saw something up ahead. He stopped and told Katie what was going on. She said that she saw it too. So they both walked up to what they saw and as they got closer and closer they saw that it was a old rusted and beat up house. So they went up to the house and looked around to see what was in the house. They couldn t see any thing and it was getting dark outside and they started to leave and they would come back another time. Two days later they wanted to go to the house at dark and bring a flashlight so they could see what was in the house. So they both when house and when to bed and would wake up at 1 o clock.

They did so and they both meet at the old church and when on their way to the old house. When they came up to the house they heard the noise of the creature, they stopped and didn t move. But the noise didn t come back again. So they went into the house and started looking around. When they got to the living room Jack saw a huge carpet and went to it and at soon at he got into the middle he fell into to huge hole. Katie started to yell seeing if Jack was ok. All of a sudden something came behind Katie and picked her up and started to punch and hit her. Jack in the hole was trying to get out he was jumping and trying to get out but he just couldn t as he heard Katie yelling for help. Jack finally got o hold on the edge on the hole and pulled himself out. He started running towards the creature and picked up a bat and hit the thing in the head. No stopping Katie had to go and make him stop and start running for their lives.

Running through the woods getting caught up in the vines and branches they made their ways out of the woods and back to their houses and told their parents what happened. The next morning the police and some of the local hunters went through the woods to look for the so-called monster. But they never found the monster or the house but the story is still told to this very same day.

The End


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