A Scary Conflict Essay Research Paper A

A Scary Conflict Essay, Research Paper

A Scary Conflict

I can remember taking a family vacation out of town somewhere back in the 80’s. Like every other black family, I was the little kid in the back seat of the car being ignored by my parents and older relatives. In my mind I’m thinking, “Why does my mom ignore me when we have company”? I don’t know. I was a kid I didn’t understand those things at the time. On the other hand, we had been driving for hours. So the family decided to take a rest stop at the mall. I hate it when I get stuck with my mom and aunts at the mall because they think about themselves. They never want to go in the stores I want to shop in. On top of that, when you are mad, they want to make show out on you and make you look bad. These thoughts are rolling through my mind as I’m staring out the window. I just want to run away and find a new mom who will love me; now back to reality. This was a huge mall. It was so huge that it had an amusement park in the middle of it. Since I was a young hard headed and impatient kid, I walked off from the family because I got tired of waiting on my mom, grandma, and aunts to look in every clothing store. I was thinking to myself “This look like the mall back home.” So I took it upon myself to observe a little. This was easy. This is easy. How could I get lost in this mall? EASY!!! As I journeyed this big palace, there were different paths you could take. Some how and some way, I forgot how to get back to the way I came. I telling my self, “Clint, you are not lost. Just keep walking and eventually you will run into your family.” I didn’t see the family for about 40 minutes. I thought that I would never see them again. The more I walked, the faster my heart pounded against my chess. I started getting butterflies. I started getting dizzy. At this moment, I wished that I had never come on this trip. Tears started to drip upon my face. I wanted to go home and stay home for the rest of my life. I never wanted to get lost again. I felt homeless. I thought about asking a complete stranger to go home with them. I thought that I was having one big dream. Eventually, I kept walking and luckily found my family. I sneaked up on them. “Where have you guys been”? My mom replied, “Looking for you”. I played it off as if I wasn’t crying or worried. “It looks as if you were crying; were you crying”? I replied no, of course not. On the outside I was acting like nothing was wrong for the rest of the day, but on the inside I was happy to be found again.


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