The Man That Couldnt Catch The Essay

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This story begins in the dark and scary Jungle, with a man named Bruce. He had a scary face with a metal plat covering it. Since his face was scared all the man did was, eat, sleep and chase the fastest cheetah in the world. One day, Bruce had a nice plan for him to catch the cheetah. The plan was, for Bruce to hide in a tall and wide tree and jump on the cheetah. Usually the Cheetah has the upper hand, he always knows where Bruce is, but this time the Cheetah did not know were Bruce was hiding.

So when Bruce decided to start his plan he hid in a tree that was in plain sight. There was nothing surrounding the tree. This was perfect because the Cheetah would never guess that Bruce would hide in such an open area. Bruce stood in the tree and waited for the cheetah to come. After a couple of hours, Bruce saw the cheetah coming, so he jumped out of the tree and almost caught the Cheetah, but as usual he missed.

So Bruce decided to think of a better plan. This time Bruce decided that he would make is own kind of material, which he would put on his feet and it would make him run faster. “I will call them Speed Jets,” said Bruce. So Bruce made speed jets for his feet. He made the speed jets out of wood and wild animal hair, skin and blood. After weeks of work, he was done making the speed jets, now all he needed to do is use them to catch the cheetah, so he waited for the cheetah to come. He spotted the cheetah and as soon as the cheetah passed Bruce, he started to go after that cheetah. Bruce was going so fast that he passed the cheetah, but he was so fast that he didn’t look where he was going and slammed himself into a tree.

Then Bruce said, “I must think about something good that I could use to catch that unstoppable cheetah, I KNOW! I will rub sticks, that always helps me think.” So he did. While he was doing that, he felt something hot on the sticks. “OWCH” he yelled! Then some red stuff came out of the sticks. “WOW I must call this stuff, FIRE!” “Um I think I know how to catch that cheetah now”, he said while laughing evilly.

So now Bruce started his third plan. He went to hide in a large dark and bushy tree. Then when the cheetah came, he threw the sticks of fire all around the cheetah. Then he slipper off the thick branch and landed on the cheetah and caught him for the first time. He felt kind of good and also kind of bad, because the Cheetah was so disappointed, So Bruce decided to let the cheetah go. First Bruce jumped on a branch, climbed a tree, went to the lake and washed out the fire. After all this the Cheetah ran out to Bruce and the Cheetah and Bruce started to talk. (Bruce had a special talent, (he could talk to animals) they both promised to never hurt each other, just play for fun. The next day Bruce snuck behind the cheetah and grabbed him. Then Bruce said I got you, now it’s time to eat you, “JUST KIDDING, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO CATCH ME SAID BRUCE.” So Bruce kept his promise after all.


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