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Servin It Up! Essay, Research Paper

Servin It Up! It was another grueling day in the restaurant industry. JD grimaced and pulled his hat down a little lower to shield his eyes from the sun that blazed through the big windows of the dining room . He was shorthanded today and in the midst of a particularly brutal lunch rush. Groaning inwardly he tried to put on a happy face for the trio now approaching the register. As he began to greet the two women and their male acquaintance, one of the ladies broke in sharply, Yeah. I want the number twelve with both salads. JD was confused by this request since the menu offered only one salad. When he asked her to clarify the woman seemed to become instantly agitated. They make it for me all the time at the Blanco location, she began haughtily, I m friends with the owner. While speaking she continuously swatted at her hair in an obviously rehearsed fashion implying, Don t you know who I am? It took some coaxing, but JD was finally able to convince her to share the mysterious ingredients of the dish she so vehemently desired. This consisted of four slices of cucumber atop the usual salad. Shaking his head in disbelief, JD wondered why she had not simply said so. It was no suprise then that this same woman decided to pay for everyone after requesting separate checks. JD considered himself more patient than most but even he was beginning to feel a bit frustrated and had to make a concerted effort not to appear gleeful while explaining that her credit card had been declined. Her companions paid in cash and JD felt relieved as they moved on to the dining area. Mere moments had passed before Jd again found the angry looking woman in front of him. This time scolding him noisily. There is not enough lettuce in my salad. He quickly stacked another portion on the plate hoping she would be placated but he could hear her grumbling all the way back to her table. A short while later the bus boy walked into the kitchen looking chastened. What s up? JD asked. The boy pointed, that table says there is something wrong with their food. JD did not even have to look. He knew exactly who it was. He slowly strolled to the table inhabited by the now infamous trio.

These fries are ice cold! hissed the termagant through clenched teeth. JD picked the fries up off the table and unceremoniously stuck his hand into the basket. They were actually quite warm. Still JD assured her he would bring more straight from the fryer. Unsatisfied the woman followed him to the front spewing a non-stop flow of complaints. Feeling helpless to do anything to improve the situation, he turned to her offering up a business card belonging to his general manager. He struggled desperately to keep his composure while advising her to address any additional complaints directly to Mary. With a huff she snatched the card from his hand and returned to her seat. JD watched as she related the conversation to her friends. The gentleman with her took the card and removed a cell phone from his jacket. A moment later the phone next to Jd began to ring. He picked it up. Thank you for calling Demo s! This is jd speaking how may I help you? I want to speak to the manager. Replied a masculine voice. JD again shook his head in disbelief as he gazed across the room at the man now speaking to him on the phone. Mary won t be in until tomorrow morning. I m the assistant manager. JD said. At this the man immediately began to recount the events they had both already experienced. He also proceeded to greatly expand upon and exaggerate his account of what had happened. His story became increasingly preposterous until, finally, JD could no longer resist a retort. First of all, he said, It is sometimes impossible to make an already miserable person happy. And secondly I ll bring your (@#! Enter expletive here) fries when they re ready! At that moment the man must have realized who he was speaking to. His eyes met JD s scathing gaze and he began to stutter but JD had already replaced the receiver with a sinister smile. As he watched the group exit shamefaced and quiet, he hoped they would think twice before trying to make a victim of the next person unfortunate enough to be waiting on them.

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