California Essay Research Paper As we sat

California Essay, Research Paper

As we sat around like every other day,

We decided we could no longer stay.

So we packed up the van

And we were determined to darken our tan.

California was where we were going

To the beach where it?s never snowing.

We were off to watch the scenery during the day

And at night, find the best partay.

By now you?re wondering who is we

It is five of my friends and don?t forget me.

So without further adieu

Let me introduce my crew.

First on my list

Is a man who is hard to miss.

He wears a bright orange coat

But is rarely one to gloat.

He frequently runs naked through the streets

But is a friend to most anyone he meets.

He is the kind of guy that is never a stranger

He waves to everyone in his Ford Ranger.

His music is a unique pick

Pretending to play along is his trick.

He works at the hardware store called ACE

But teaching is what he wishes to chase.

Hunting and skanking is what he loves to do

His name is Mickey now onto number two.

The next girl is the understanding one.

She takes a lot of crap, but it?s all in fun.

I.S.U. is where she chose to learn

An education she hopes to earn.

Soccer was her favorite sport

She is very good, although she is quite short

Hanging out with her is always cool

She did quite well during high school.

She has always been a real smarty

Whenever we visit her, she knows where to party.

She will always be a part of the group

Her name is Julie and she?s the second of the troop.

My long time friend Gabe is the third

He is hard to describe in just one word.

He has the biggest ears around

His girlfriend, Staci?s house is where he?ll be found .

Soccer?s what he loves to play

Instead he?s stuck at work all day.

When it comes to humor he?s the best

At funny stories, he?s better then the rest.

He tried to change the color of his hair

Many people just turned to stare.

With his future he is still unclear

Purdue is where he?d like his path to steer.

As for worries he has none

His mind is set on having fun.

This trip is all he has on his mind

Now we have the fourth member to find.

The next member lives down the street form me.

My college roommate will soon be he.

He is the tallest of our six

His basement?s where we watch our flicks.

A ?97 Camero is what he drives

An I.S.U. education is for what he strives.

A hockey goalie he used to play,

Forwards and centers he used to slay.

Talking to the ladies is how he spends his time,

Drinks for parties, he spends every last dime.

Hanging out in his garage, playing darts

Is how most of the after school fun starts.

Sundays for us are pretty lazy.

For the past weekend, it?s pretty hazy.

Visiting friends at college he likes to go,

He?s good at meeting people he doesn?t know.

For being the friend I?ve known the best,

Chuck was picked before all the rest.

The next girl is the beauty of the pack

Don?t mess with her or I?ll give you a smack.

She doesn?t miss a football game,

She and her friend Jenny never make a crowd lame.

Off to college she will go next year

Leaving her home she does not fear.

Keeping up with her studies she does quite well,

She helps with my homework even when I smell.

She will always be the one to laugh at my joke

She still goes out with me even though I?m broke.

I?d have to say she is the girl in my dream

That?s why Candace is on the team.

The last member is none other than I.

In the following words I?ll try not to lie.

Although three houses isn?t very far,

To Chuck?s house I will always bring my car.

School has never enlightened my mind

I?d rather sit around and waste my time.

Slacking off the first 3 years of high school

Set me back in the U of I acceptance pool.

Engineering is my desired course of learning

Lots of money is what I wish to be earning.

Playing soccer is how I have fun

I like the positions that have to run.

But for now I will just try and get by,

After this year, to Lincoln Way I?ll say good-bye.

So now it?s time for our adventure to depart,

Chuck had better get out his one last fart.

So grab the CD?s and turn up the bass,

We?ve got the bottle but need something to chase.

Without these friends it wouldn?t be a dream,

But a nightmare, like an Oreo without the cream.

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