Euthanasia Essay Research Paper Euthanasia killing life

Euthanasia Essay, Research Paper

Euthanasia- killing life painlessly to end suffering, mercy killing. This pratice was traced back as far as the Greek and Roman times. As time passed religion increased and life was viewed as sacred. All forms of Euthanasia was/is now considered wrong. In the year of 1935 a group of doctors formed the first Voluntary Euthanasia Society in London. Later on in 1938, the first society to support this was established in the United States. It was called the Hemlock Society and now consists of more than 67,000 members.

I support Euthanasia mainly because of its long history. Euthanasia was practiced in Greek and Roman times when they no longer cared for life. A strong quote from Epictetus that supports this is as follows. If the room is smoky, if only moderately, I will stay; if there is too much smoke I will go. Remember this, keep a firm hold on it, the door is always open.” Even before history was recorded euthanasia was praticed. Why should we be the ones to stop it?

Everyday we make a decision about our health, whether it is what we eat or whether or not to smoke that last cigarette. Making the wrong decision can eventually lead to problems in the future killing us slowly. Why is it wrong to let us we decide whether or not to prolong our life? Is not the quality of life determined by no one other than ourselves?

Having the choice of euthanasia could help many financially because of the medical expenses that it cost to run a life support system. A person can be hooked up to life support for many years unconcious or in a coma. When there is no hope of recovery and a person is simply living in pain and agony i belive they should have the choice of ending thier life, or someone else.

Death in dignity is a very important part of life. Euthanasia allows this to happen. If a person has a terminal illness the time that they have left is usually undeterminable. Many issues and words can be left unsettled and the soul without peace. Euthanasia can control that and allow u to pass away as soon as your last words are spoken. Leaving your mind, soul and heart at rest is the true definition of death with dignity.

I go along with pro-choice and support euthanasia because of the many reasons i stated above. Although I have never found myself in the family or the patients position I have very strong feelings about euthanasia. It should be legalized to some extent.


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