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Brazil Essay Research Paper My report is

Brazil Essay, Research Paper

My report is on the famous country of Brazil. I found my report fun and full of stuff I never new that Brazil was famous for, I also found out Brazil is way different than we are here in America such as, they celebrate the festival of Carnavel. I also found out that the real name for Brazil is Federative Republic of Brazil, and it is the 5 largest country in the world!

Most of the country has noticeable seasonal variations in rain, temperature and humidity, but only the south has extreme seasonal changes. The Brazilian winter is from June to August, with the coldest southern states receiving average winter temperatures of between 13. and 18. Celsius (55.F and 64.F).

The Federative Republic of Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country, occupying almost half of the South American continent and bordering every country in it except for Chile and Ecuador. Brazil covers 8,511,965 square kilometers (3,319,666 square miles) and boasts a population of 158.7 million people. It is a land of diverse culture: many non-indigenous people who call Brazil home are the descendants of Italians, Japanese, Africans, Germans and, of course, the Portuguese. The national language is Portuguese and the predominant religion is Roman Catholic.

The capital city, Bras lia, is best known for the speed at which it was built. Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, urban planner Lucio Costa and landscape architect Burle Marx, it was completed in a span of only three years.

The country is also known and loved for its more vibrant locales. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its decadent Carnaval parades and balls. Ipanema and Copacabana are languid beaches forever memorialized in song and the Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest.

Brazil offers a numerous accounts of foods for travelers to taste. Those who choose to explore the Amazon with locals may taste the meats of alligator, porcupine and piranha. In Bahia, where African people settled long ago, guests feast on spicy Afro-Brazilian cuisine. In other areas, visitors feed on home made breads and cheeses prepared by descendants of Italian immigrants, or sample beer. More than any other attraction, however, the festival of Carnaval gives Brazil its brazen reputation. Once a year, during the four days prior to the somber Catholic period of Lent, Brazilians across the country dress in their most outrageous costumes and dance and party in the streets. The scene is sizzling hot and not soon forgotten.

In conclusion I find Brazil a fascinating country and would recommend it to anyone who is fascinated in Brazil and its features it offers the travelers, I find that most people look over the fascinating part of Brazil and think it is known just for its great suffers that come out and surf in America, they should look into their wonderful features that they offer, and the foods they are famous for.