Russian Revolution Of 1917 Essay Research Paper

Russian Revolution Of 1917 Essay, Research Paper


February Revolution

At times, Nicholas II was warned by the Durma what disasters could take place if he didn t make any reforms. The Durma believed that a constitutional government should be started. Nicholas ignored these warnings. Soon after this a group of men killed Rasputin, hoping this would change the emperors mind, and Nicholas II responded by favoring Raspution s followers in court. War was soon followed.

The Revolution began on February 23rd with a revolt which lasted until the 27th in 1917. The main cause of the revolt was the end of the czarist regime. Another cause of this was their poor economy which made it hard to compete with Germany in World War II. Russia was also not able to arm and equip many of the men whom sent to fight.

During February23-25th over 90,000 men and women went on strike in Petrogad. During these days many encounters came between police and demonstrators. Cossack troops were then called in to help out the police, but they didn t help much. By this time the workers had took over several police stations, and then burnt them down.

On February 26th, more troops from Petrograd were sent out to control workers. Soldiers killed a number of workers, because they were ordered to. When firing began many workershid, but as soon as it stop they went face to face with the soldiers again. The workers managed to pass through their lines.

On February 27th the revolution was triumphant. The Petrograd soldiers had joined forces with workers. They eventually took over the capital. The only bad part about this was 1500 people were killed.

Two new bodies of government were started, the Petrograd Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies and a provisional government was formed. On February 2th the Soviet had Nicholas s ministers arrested, and the Durma placed its commissars in charge of the ministries. Finally, on March 1st, Nicholas stepped down.

The October Revolution

Lenin noticed what was happening with the provisional government and asked the Solshevik Party to organize an army and seize power. This plan was approved October 10th by the committee. It was carried out during the night of October 24-25th by the leader of the Military Revolutionary committee under the lead of Trotsky. Armed voters, soldiers, and tailors broke into the Winter Palace and took over. On October 25th Trotsky announced the end of provisional government.


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