Dead Poets Society Essay Research Paper The

Dead Poets Society Essay, Research Paper

The movie, The Dead Poet’s Society, was taken at a solemn

preparatory school called Welton Academy. The students had a new

inspirational English professor, John Keating. In Keating’s class, he taught

passion, courage, romanticism, and poetry. He also taught the concepts of

transcendentalism. It held that every individual can reach ultimate truths

through spiritual intuition. Inspired by Keating, the boys resurrect the

Dead Poets Society. As Keating turns the boys on to the great words of

poets, they discover not only the beauty of poetry, but also the importance

of making each moment count by the saying “seize the day” and “sound

your barbaric yawp.” However, they soon realize that their newfound

freedom can have tragic consequences.

The Dead Poet’s Society follows the life of Neil, who struggles to live

his life as an actor away from his overbearing father. His membership in

the society leads him to discover his passion for acting. But unfortuantely,

his unyielding father stands in the way of Neil’s dreams. He forbids him to

engage in any extracurricular activities which might interfer with his

studies. Mr. Perry wants his son to go to Harvard Medical School. Neil is

unhappy with his father’s decision and decides to end his life. His conflict

with his father is tragic, and in some ways, the heart and soul of this movie.

Todd is Neil’s shy and inhibited roommate who is trying to live up to

his brother’s expectations. He suffers from low self-esteem. After Keating’s

inspirational lessons, Todd finally learns to express himself and to cultivate

a sense of self-worth. He also learns to live his own life, not that of his

genius brother.

Knox is a charming love-struck romantic. He seeks to impress a

“taken” girl. The Dead Poets Society inspires Knox to find the courage to

declare his love to a cheerleader who attends the local public high school.

One day during school, Knox walks into Chris’s classroom and expresses his

love for her in a poem. Inspired by Keating, Knox expresses himself freely in

his own words.

The Dead Poet’s Society is revived, but not under the best

circumstances. The Society is discovered unordinary by other school

administrators. Therefore, Keating and his teachings are blamed. The

ending is tragic but bittersweet. I believe that Keating was a positive

influence on his students. Although, his students get swept away by his

enthusiastic spirit. I was impressed by the beauty of the word “thank you”

when Keating said it to the students when he left school. The Dead Poet’s

Society is an intellectually stimulating and emotionally involving movie.


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