Do You Think Bulimia Is A Self-caused

Sickness? Or Do You Think Bulimia Isn?t A Sickness At All, It Essay, Research Paper

Well actually

bulimia is a very serious eating disorder which disrupts the ability to

maintain a ?normal? eating pattern. Someone with bulimia nervosa becomes

increasingly unable to relate normally to food and instead develops a

dependency on a chaotic cycle of bingeing and purging. But what actually drives

teenagers to binge or purge or to begin to starve themselves. Headlines fashion super models, the media and

all the rest of it. Some

people attribute eating disorders to media and fashion it?s fashionable in the

developed western culture to be slim. Some

people attribute eating disorders to media and fashion. It is fashionable in

the developed western culture to be slim. This is not possible for everyone, as

we are naturally all different shapes and sizes. Many people who do not conform

to the ideals presented by the fashion industry or the media feel that they

need to diet. For some people this may not present a problem while for others

it can lead them to develop an eating disorder. The media can also compound

problems for people, who already have eating problems, as it is very difficult

to get better while you are being presented with images of desirable thin

models.? These desirable thin models not

only look but most of them are in fact unhealthy. Being beautiful is not to

bend down and see the lining of your vertebrae being shown. Or for someone to brush

past you and your exaggeration to fall over is so extravert because you are so

light that the opponent thinks he/she may have broken a bone in your body. Magazines and it?s content are mostly full of music and

fashion. I carried out a survey to see just how many magazines contain weight

loss programs or anything associated with skinniness. And I am disgusted to

find that 9/10 magazines that were chosen had something to do with getting rid

of fat, even magazines like T.O.T.P, which is supposed to contain purely music.

This attitude towards weight hence it is increased will be a disaster.I quote from one of my surveyors? ?Page 1 100% vitality. Eat your way to a

slim summer.? Another one ?Thermobol take it in conjunction with a sensible

diet and exercise plan?? Does everything have to do with size? Do all things

include weight? I understand that teens want to look their best but is

it really worth having your skeletal structure shown raising the possibility

that they might get an eating disorder. Having black teeth because the

hydrochloric acid that the stomach produces, which is meant to help digest food

is being brought up and literally hit your teeth wearing away their enamel is

all of this quite worth it?The

average size of a woman in the year 1994 was 14, in 1996 it dropped to a 12 and

now in the year 200 the average size of a woman has become a shocking 10. The

sizes are constantly dropping showing an increase in interest of the weight

teen?s think they should be. Now if

this drops any further there will be a serious problem with teenage health. As

the percentage of teens actually becoming bulimic or anorexic or involved with

some part of any eating disorder has risen by 5% in the last decade. What teen?s call the perfect figure now in the year 200

is a woman with no breasts hardly any hips and a flat bum. Which basically is

an ironing board; a person without any shape. The fact of the matter is

everybody has their own weight, size, height etc. each and every one is an

individual. God made us all unique.

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