Metaphysics Essay Research Paper Bringing

Metaphysics Essay, Research Paper

Bringing "metaphysical mind set" into my life has been a tremendously

rewarding experience. It made me realize that most often humans have propensity

for getting by something with the least possible expenditure of thought because

thinking appears to be hard and burdensome to them. However, tackling something

with a minimum of thought is like driving in twilight with no lights on.

According to Heidegger, it is a downright hindrance to pure objective employment

of one’s intellect, which amounts to no more than an impediment to an

enhancement of one’s cognitive powers. I view science as the primary means of

learning about life. Science becomes our passion when we realize that it is the

grounds for our existence. However, man’s cognitive processes are based on his

or her perceptions where human five senses are the only tools for acquiring data

from the outside world. Sadly enough, all scientific systems people created tend

to be incomplete and full of paradoxes since it’s impossible to get out of

oneself to see the world in itself, that is the way the world truly IS. Hence,

it would be reasonable to conclude that humans do not have the accurate and the

true knowledge of the natural laws comprising the Universe. Nevertheless,

science improves as better and more accurate data is extracted from the outside

world with humans developing sophisticated technology as means of obtaining more

precise scientific data. Thus, as science and technology get more advanced,

humans become conscious of metaphysical problems they had never encountered.

From this standpoint, I believe that science and metaphysics have the common

goal but different ways of reaching that goal. Metaphysics and science go hand

in hand in their evolution. It’s greatly fascinating for me to regard myself as

a metaphysical object full of mysterious unexplored intrinsic methods to cognize

the unsolved systems inside and outside of us. Every achievement offers several

options of going a particular direction. For example, one can use technology the

way the ancient Greeks meant it to be used, particularly utilizing the sense of

the word techne. On the other hand, one can degrade oneself perverting the

original purpose of the technology advancement. Thus, I assume that one can

legitimately view human progress in all fields of science and humanities as a

recursive process deepening and broadening the tree structure of various paths

humans can take to achieve their goals. It implies that more metaphysical

questions will arise in the future as the progress goes on. One might argue that

metaphysical questions appear born, emerge out of nothingness without having

previously existed in nothingness. Being a soft determinist, I am personally

inclined to believe that all the metaphysical questions that have arisen, arise,

and will arise had previously existed. They do not appear born. We simply become

aware of them as we advance our evolutionary realization of the world’s

complexity. We merely find ways of extrapolating them from the world in itself,

from the true world outside of us. All in all, metaphysics reveals itself to me

as an unquenchable urge to be ushered unto the noble and innovative task of

getting in tune with actuality. It’s not a new religion, neither is it a system

created by men. Rather, it constitutes an intrinsic desire to know the truth, to

choose the impartial path devoid of prejudice, bias, or preconceived notion.

Choosing this path requires a certain level of maturity, and I candidly hope

that in the future I can truly call myself a metaphysician, which is not a

profession, but a way of life.


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