Robinsin Crusoe Essay Research Paper A book

Robinsin Crusoe Essay, Research Paper

A book review of Daniel Defoe’s:

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is an imaginary story about a merchant-adventure marooned on a desert island off the northern coast of South America. Daniel Defoe wrote this novel in 1719.He based the story partly on the experiences of a Scottish sailor, Alexander Selkirk, but defoe’s realistic account of Crusoe’s like is much more interesting, and has become one of the most popular books in English.

The book explains how Crusoe cleverly manages to make himself at home while he lives on the island.

From my point of view the unique part that connects at this point in the story is that after living alone for 26 years, Crusoe rescues a man from cannibals. He calls the man Friday because he met him on that day. Friday becomes Crusoe’s trusted friend and servant. The term, “man Friday” has come to mean any trusted servant. Finally after 28 years, Crusoe and Friday board a passing ship and are taken to England.

“Robinson Crusoe” is a lively, exciting book that sweep the reader away in to amazing world.

Although the English of the book is “old fashion”, I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!

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Robinson Crusoe has always been one of the popular novels in the English language.

I believe that the to the fact above is that Robinson Crusoe is one of the realistic novels that were ever published.

During the novel plot develops, describes events and scenes in great detail and them seem very alive.

The fate of has held a special fascination for me.

As I watch Crusoe struggle to survive alone on a

Island , I pot myself in his place and wonder how long I would have lived in such harsh . Could I, like Crusoe, have begun to build anew life for myself? Or would hunger and the terrible loneliness have destroyed all hope in my , and driven me towards madness?

As human being that enjoyed all his from comfortableness and luxuriousness, found this novel intriguer.

Some say that in situations people discovers in themselves internal strength that they knew about before. After reading this book I that it truth.


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