Lisa Dark And Bright Essay Research Paper

Lisa Dark And Bright Essay, Research Paper


English November, 6,00

Lisa, Bright and Dark

1. The title of the story that I read was called Lisa , Bright and Dark. The author of

the story is John Neufeld.

2. The time was not really talked about that much but it said around the 1960?s. The

place and setting was in Long Island New York.

3. The main character in the stories name is Besty Goodman. Some things about her

are she is not really confident about her self. She doesn?t really have no friends and

doesn?t really talk around people. She also doesn?t really like her self or what she looks

like. She is fifteen years old in the story. She is an average person in school. She is a very

ambitious person.

4. The conflict in the story is when Lisa is not really feeling right and she thinks that

she has a mental disease and she tries to do anything to make or parent believe her, but her

parents just will not believe her. She gets even more sick over her parent not thinking

about her being sick after she keeps on telling them she is.

The complications to the plot are when she talks to other people at school and in

the family about her being sick and they try to talk to Lisa?s parents and they will not listen

to anyone about it. Then they start to think something because so many people has talked

about it to them and they believe that she is sick but not mentally sick.

The climax in the story is when one night everyone was sleeping and Lisa gets up

and walks through a glass window and fall out of the house. She did that because she is

really mentally ill. After that her parent called the hospital and she was rushed to the


The conclusion of the story is when Lisa?s parents finally think that something is

wrong with her and send her away to a hospital for the mentally ill.

7. Besty who is story is told by learned that doing what you know is right is the best

thing you can do. She shows she is a really good friend by standing by Lisa?s side until she

got help since her parent would not help her. I think also you should always listen to what

people have to say no matter what it is.

8. Besty could have solved the conflicts of the story better by going to talking

directly. Maybe if she did then Lisa?s parents would of believed in her illness before they

did. Then she would have never got hurt. Besty did not talk these actions because she was

scared of Lisa?s parents. They were very rich and very powerful throughout the town

where they lived at.


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