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Early Autumn Essay Research Paper Early AutumnWhat

Early Autumn Essay, Research Paper

Early Autumn

What is love? So many people wonder, yet few really know. Love is blind, but if you are fortunate to find true love, you should cherish it and never let it go under appreciated because love is ever changing. In the short story Early Autumn by Langston Hughes, this ever-changing cycle of love is evident.

When Bill was very young, they had been in love, but something unimportant caused them not to speak. Bill went away, bitter about women. Many times in relationships spouses lack the communication, which hinders their feelings for each other. For instance, I once had a girlfriend that suddenly stop speaking to me because one of her girl friends suspected I was cheating on her. The reason for speculation was because her friend spotted me in the mall with a female cousin of mine. Instead of approaching me about the situation she decided to stop talking to me and left with a bitter feeling towards me, like Bill and Mary.

She married a man she thought she loved. Mary was blinded by the fact that she had lost the one thing she truly loved and gained lust in her marriage. Mary didn t appreciate Bill s love for her until walking across Washington Square, she saw him for the first time in years. Many times we take things for granted, and don t realize how important that necessity is, until suddenly we don t have access to it anymore. Mary now realizes the fact that she had someone special in Bill, and now wants the very thing that was dear to her. When Mary had bill, she didn t take the time to throw coal into the furnace to prolong the fire, but instead she poured water onto the fire and burned it out. Many times we look back unto our past when we see someone we previously dated or had feelings for and think what could have been. We often fail to realize that when we as couples depart, we must get over our emotional feelings for one another and move on with our quest to find someone who loves us for who we are. Usually one of the spouses never wants to let go to what already is lost. This is what Mary experiences when she suddenly found herself desperately reaching back into the past, with hopes of rejuvenating their lost love, like flowers that die in winter but springs up in spring. Suddenly the bus came and like leaves falling in autumn, so did Mary s chance of rekindling her relationship with bill.

Just like my ex-girlfriend, so did Mary learn that we must recognize when we have someone worth keeping, instead of letting out window of opportunity be shut in our face.

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