Changing The World Essay Research Paper Changing

Changing The World Essay, Research Paper

Changing the World in Three Easy Steps

We should shave the ducks. I really think they could sport rather nice tattoo work on them. While the students are involved with the scissors and tattoo guns, the faculty could cut intricate patterns in the lawn. Possibly afterward, the resident herbalists will have lunch prepared with various odd plants we rarely eat. If the students at Gulf Coast Community College protest the absence of these things loudly enough, culture might become a little more relevant in the daily drone that is life.

I think if I saw a bald duck, I might just ask “Why the anchor tattoo?” I might just review the comeliness of today’s generation of ducks. I might just choose a favorite duck and talk to him. I might just stop and think. If a few more students just stopped and thought about the world around them, they might just see absurdities in what they thought before. If one person can do this per class per semester, then society might just have to stop and think. A few people might not like my line of reason. Socrates was disliked for his ideas and chose to die for them. I don’t really think shaving birds is worth my life, but it might be fun nonetheless.

A few rumors around Europe suggest that extraterrestrials seem to warm up to patterns cut in tall grasses. I really can’t speak for the validity of the crop patterns relating to alien encounters, but then again, neither can I denounce them. If aliens really like patterns in the lawn, then they might be attracted to the lawns of our college. Of course these “little green men” will scare a few people that are somewhat less than adaptable. They could disrupt classes for a few days. Yet I think if they can accomplish interplanetary travel, I think they can teach us a thing or two.

After a delightful jaunt around the solar system, our devoted team of herbalists and vegetable gardeners could prepare a lovely soup. I feel that more ingredients than just chicken, rice, and water make a soup worthwhile. Anyone can agree that if there are very few meats that are eaten in this country, then why does the cafeteria have to limit vegetables in much the same manner? I think that artichokes or even a few steamed veggies over a bed of fried rice would be a healthy change. What I would like to see is an international dish at least once a week. I don’t mean a taco plate or a vat of lasagna either. I would like to see hollandaise over asparagus tips and other such festivities. The herbalists could grow a great variety of stuff and devise more than I can think of. They can, at the very least, cook something that doesn’t involve some combination of meat, potatoes, flour, and corn though. I don’t think that a chef is necessary, but a little life couldn’t hurt.

In general, the thing that this college needs most is culture. Bald birds, crop outlines, and asparagus tips may not be the answer, but they can liven up the question. I once defined my idea of culture as “A group of people with similar interests,” now I think “A group of people with interesting similarities” is more to my point. I know that all of the students might not agree with my ideas, but I would like to hear their ideas as well. The methods outlined above may not change the world, but we have to start somewhere. Then someone has to start it. I think I’ll go shave a duck.


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