What Are Carbohydrates Essay Research Paper Carbohydrates

What Are Carbohydrates? Essay, Research Paper

Carbohydrates are a unique kind of compound due to the atoms carbohydrate contain and because of the structure of the compound. To begin a carbohydrates include such compounds as simple sugars and complex starches. This means that there is no set structure for a carbohydrate, but all carbohydrates contain carbon as one of its principle atoms. In fact the name, carbohydrate, indicates the presents of carbon as one of the principal atoms in the compound. Other atoms carbohydrates almost always use are hydrogen and oxygen. To explain, one carbohydrate’s formula, simple sugar, is C6H12O6, which contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The physical structure of a simple sugar is in a ring configuration. Another carbohydrate that follows this rule is a complex starch whose formula is C6H10O5^n (n represents a repeating number). This carbohydrate also contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in its formula. It is unsure what the structure of this type of carbohydrate looks like due to the fact it was not mentioned or discovered in any of the experiments. In summation carbohydrates are different form other compounds because of the atoms they contain and because of there structure.

Several products that can be purchased at almost any drug or grocery store contain carbohydrates. To begin many fruits have carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar. For example, raisins and apples contain carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar. Some vegetables also contain carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar, such as carrots. Next, regular Pepsi does contain simple sugar carbohydrates, but diet Pepsi does not. It is an assumption that the reason diet Pepsi does not contain simple sugar carbohydrates is because it uses synthetic sugar products instead of natural simple sugar products. Moving on, many random products contain simple sugar carbohydrates. For instance, saltine crackers contain carbohydrates as well as powdered milk and marshmallows. Some products that contain carbohydrates in the form of starch are as follows. Grains and vegetables products that contain carbohydrates in the form of starches include rice, potatoes, and corn meal. Other products that contain carbohydrates in the form of starch are cheerios, powdered milk, and saltine crackers. In conclusion many ordinary products that people use every day contain carbohydrates.

Believe or not, a procedure for testing substances for the presence of carbohydrates does exist. First, one must test the product for sugar. In order to carry out this task place the substance to be tested for simple sugar in a test tube. Once this is done Benedict’s solution must be added to the substance. Then it’s off to the boil water, and once the water is boiling place the test tube in the water till it is heated. After the mixture is heated sufficiently, let it cool. When the tube is cool, check the color of the mixture. If the mixture turns an orange or a yellow color, simple sugar has been detected in the original substance. If the mixture turns any other color simple sugar was not present in the original substance. Once one has tested the substance for simple sugar one must then test it for starch. In order to accomplish this task place the substance being tested for starch onto a watch glass. Then apply iodine directly to the substance. Watch for an immediate color change. If the substance becomes a blue or a black color starch is present. If it turns any other color no starch has been detected in the substance. Summing-up, a procedure can be done to test products for carbohydrates.


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