Industrial Rev Essay Research Paper The Positive

Industrial Rev. Essay, Research Paper

The Positive Outcome of the Industrial Revolution in Britain

The industrial revolution has its share of both positive and negative effects on the society and the country as a whole. There are many aspects you must look toward, to realistically analyze the industrial revolution. First of all, you must look at the effects upon our people, and our children. You must also take notice of the effects of the industrial revolution upon our land. The obvious comes forth, the industrial revolution is necessary, even with all the suffering and mistreatment of individuals. The outcome is worthy.

While some criticize child labor saying that the labor is harsh and, in many instances unfair, the whole picture is that families do need all the income that is coming from their ?oppressed? children. Parents aren?t the only ones who are profiting off of the child labor. Companies and businesses, and thereby the national economy, are profiting directly from the child labor. There is no doubt in any righteous person?s mind, that the children could and should be treated better. To begin, children should receive better pay and be nourished better. In no case should they be beaten. Yet, child labor is acceptable, practiced widely, and ultimately beneficial to all involved.

The Industrial revolution is seeing a growth in the mining of coal. Coalmines are often where many men, women and children find work for admittedly low wages. These businesses are very profitable, for many different people. On the bottom rung, come the workers. Mining coal gives them a way to support their families. A step up from the workers is the consumer. The consumer benefits from the use of coal in many forms. Coal powers trains, and provides heating. However, with every positive, there has to be some negative. The constant mining of coal is having some ill effects upon Mother Nature. Our natural resources are being depleted, and the habitats of some animals are being destroyed. Coalmines do sometimes collapse, and cave in upon the miners.

The industrial revolution is seeing many modern inventions come about. These inventions are outstanding products of the times. There are so many inventions, that are so ingenious, that life will be changed forever forth. Superb examples include Thomas Edison?s lightbulb, the airplane, the automobile, and the assembly line (Ford). There is almost no negative effect of these inventions. Society will profit purely from these inventions, with no apparent negative outcomes.

During this ?revolution,? we are seeing some, though not many, of our children receiving instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Perhaps in the future, we will see an increase in the number of hours of instruction, and the numbers of teachers. But, a good step is being made toward educating more of our people.

I believe one of the benefits of our industrial revolution is the change in our social classes. Now, any entrepreneur can become wealthy, and prosper, and rise to a higher class. One no longer needs to be born into a family with land.

For all the positive outcomes of the industrial revolution, there are some negatives occurring. Regrettably, there are truly not enough teachers currently, and too few children receive too little instruction. On top of this, we are aware that people die in the coalmines, from cave-ins, and we suspect mining may cause lung disease. Other workers are also suffering. The rapid growth of our industry is often accompanied by growing numbers of poor workers who tolerate impoverished living conditions. Workers sometimes work very long hours with little time off, and limited protection. Outweighing all these correctable concerns, is the increased economic well being of our nation. As has been said by Alexis de Tocqueville, ?From this filthy sewer, pure gold flows.? Work is accomplished, families have a means of living, wealth can be spread among a broader spectrum of our population, and advances are being made daily in medicine, transportation, and communication. Our society will progress through new inventions, and new means of production, to become a leader among nations.


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