On The Beach At Night Alone By

Walt Whitman Essay, Research Paper

In ?On the Beach at Night Alone,? Walt Whitman develops the idea that everyone has a connection with everything else, including nature. Whitman uses a variety of writing techniques to get his point across. First, the repetition and parallel structure that his poems contain reinforce the connection between everything in nature. The usage of ?All? 11 times emphasizes the inclusion of everything in the universe. The sentence structure remains the same throughout the poem, without any drastic change; however, the length of the lines in the poem vary. In addition, Whitman?s? extravagance with his words further illustrates his idea of the Over-Soul. For example, ?A vast similitude interlocks all? (4) shows his verbose nature. Whitman does not do directly to the point, but gives every little detail. Most importantly, Whitman?s? use of catalogues stands as the most recognizable Whitman characteristic that illustrates his beliefs. These long lists that he uses set the mood of the poem. ?All spheres, grown, ungrown, small, large, suns, moons, planets,? (5) shows the idea that everything is connected in nature. Similarly, ?All nations, colors, barbarisms, civilizations languages.? (10) furthermore emphasize Whitman?s belief in the Over-Soul.

Although Whitman uses a great deal of structural ways to stress his ideas, he also uses many other ways of delivering his ideas. First of all, Whitman portrays himself as a public spokesman of the masses. The tone of the poem is a very loud, informative tone that grabs ones attention. The emphasis placed on the word ?all? adds to the characterization of Whitman as a powerful speaker. Furthermore, Whitman takes part in his own poem. Participating in his own poem, Whitman moreover illustrates the connection between everything in life. Lastly, Whitman, most of all, celebrates universal brotherhood and democracy. Once again, the inclusion of the word ?all? so many times demonstrates Whitman?s belief in that everyone is connected no matter what their position is in society. Whitman stresses the fact that all humans are equal in that ?All identities that have existed or may exist on this globe? (11) share similar connections with nature. Ultimately, Whitman?s belief in the Over-Soul reveals the bond between nature and the universe.


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