Compare And Contrast On Characters Rayona And

Pearl Essay, Research Paper

Compare and Contrast on Characters Rayona and Pearl

Rayona and Pearl were two characters that were very alike in the stories.

They are also somewhat different. They lived lives that were very troublesome.

Rayona had to go through the tough times of her mother’s sickness and the death

of her brother. She lived away from most of it, but still had to live with it.

Pearl had to go through the tough times of her mother Hester being charged with

adultery, she also had to go through all of her trials.

Rayona and Pearl are similar in that they both went through the tough

times of their mother’s problems. Rayona lived with knowing her mother was very

sick. Pearl had her mother’s scarlet letter to live with. As children they

didn’t know who their fathers were, they were forced to guess. Rayona and Pearl

were also similar because they both had a tough time getting along with the kids

they had to go to school with. Neither of them were able to make friends very

easily. Rayona’s trouble was that she was part African American growing up in a

Native American community. Pearl had trouble because of the fact that her mom

committed adultery and the kids laugh at her. Both of the children were also

social outcasts in their community. The community was different from them

didn’t accept them. Rayona and Pearl were also similar in another way. Through

the tough times of their mothers they stood by their side and endured the same


Rayona and Pearl also have many differences. Rayona was of American

Indian and Black decent while Pearl was of American decent. While Pearl had to

live with her mother’s troubles, Rayona lived away from them. There is a time

when Pearl finds out her history and the things her mother went through. Rayona

however never found out about her past or what her mother went through. Another

difference between the two is that Rayona had a brother to grow up with and play

with. Pearl only had her mother around the house. Rayona also had several

people to look up to such as, Aunt Ida and Reverend Tom. Pearl didn’t have any

other person or role model to look up to at first. She only had her mother to

look up to. One thing that taught Pearl a lot was the pain and suffering

endured by her mother due to the punishment handed down to her for her crimes.

Rayona on the other hand didn’t live with her mother long enough to learn very

much from her.

In conclusion these two characters are alike and different in many way.

They both go through very tough times concerning their mothers.


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