Skateboarding Fundementals And Stuff Essay Research Paper

Skateboarding, Fundementals And Stuff. Essay, Research Paper


fundamentals and stuff

I like skateboarding. There, I said it. That wasn t so hard. It s fast, it s fun

it s painful, what more could you ask for. There s nothing I like better than to hang

out with my friends and skate. Here I will explain places, tricks, and the right way

to fall all in this fun-filled skateboarding paper.

If you re going to skate, yours going to need to go somewhere. The

Huntington Transit Center is an excellent place for beginners to thrash up. They

have phat curbs and a good planter. If you want more of a challenge, you might

want to try skating a McLoughlin Middle School. They have high planters to do

tricks off of. If you want to skate just for the fun of it, you might want to try skating

at Pasco High. They have a nice three stair and fun curbs.

Now let me get into the tricks. This is the most challenging part of skating.

The first and most important trick in skateboarding is the ollie. To accomplish this

trick, you must first put your front foot in the middle of the board, then put your

back foot on the tail of the board. Now your going to want to slam or pop the tail to

the ground very fast, jump up, slide your front foot forward to even out and land.

Another fairly simple trick is the pop shove-it. Take your ollie position, now pop

the tail and scoop it back to bring the nose of the board to where the tail was. Then

you land on the board, ride away, and give yourself a pat on the back. A very tricky

and unpredictable trick is the kickflip. Take your ollie position, but move your front

foot more off of the board. Pop the tail and drag you front foot off of the board,

thus producing a flip. Next, land, ride away and smile.

Now to the most painful part of skating, falling. If you skateboard, your going

to fall no matter what. There are two ways to fall, one, fall and hurt yourself very

bad, and two, fall and hurt yourself not so bad. To do number two, you must do the

tuck and roll move. To do the tuck and roll move, you simply must remember. If

you don t remember while your in mid air, you will hurt yourself bad. The tuck and

roll is basically a way to absorb most of the impact to your leg, side and arm.

When you fall, just roll as if you where rolling on the ground. This is a very good

move to remember and will help you very, very much.

All to sad are the skateboarding breed. The man (cops) are keeping us down.

Skateboarding is rapidly being outlawed in most places of the Tri-Cities. Let us

pray that this fun, dangerous sport will not be brought to a halt.


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