Gideon 2 Essay Research Paper The passage

Gideon 2 Essay, Research Paper

The passage that I am working on is Gideon 2, Jdgs. 7:1-25. When I first read

this passage I thought that it was about Gideon and his troops conquering Midian.

As I see it, the main concept of the passage is that, but it tells of much more.

After reading the passage once, I had many questions about it. I first wondered

?Why did Gideon and his troops conquer Midian?? I also thought, ?How and

why is God going to help Gideon and his soldiers?? I was very curious of how

300 me were to overtake an entire city. Why would God help them take over Midian?

I read the passage a few more times, and read a different translation. That

helped me enormously in understanding the text. The reason that Midian was to be

conquered was to save Israel from the incursions of the Midianites. Gideon was

called by the angel of God to do so. In reading different translations, I found

that Gideon did not actually fight. God fought all of the battle himself. With

God fighting, the 300 soldiers did not have to battle. God must have helped the

Israelites because they are the people of God. Gideon, also known as Jerubbaal,

means ?hewer? or ?warrior.? He was the son of Joash, and in the Abiezri

clan, part of the Manasseh tribe. The story of the Midianites being attacked to

free the Israelites from incursions is a lot like the story of the Israelites

being set free from slavery. Without God, neither story would have turned out

the way it did. God made it possible to defeat the Midianites. God made it

possible to convince Pharaoh to free the Israelites. The point I am trying to

get across is that God has done many things that show he cares for his people

has helped them out of many hardships. The Israelites would have had a much

tougher life if their God had not helped them. This passage teaches us that with

God?s help anything can be done. In modern day God helps us out of trouble

like he did with the Israelites, but with our daily lives. We may not all

realize how God helps us, but he does.


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