Wind Symphony Essay Research Paper Becky Auten

Wind Symphony Essay, Research Paper

Becky Auten

Professor Hammer

Music Lecture 1003

14 October 1999

Wind Symphony

W.Dale Warren, Conductor

The Wind Symphony preformed on Monday, October 11 at 8:00 p.m. at the Walton Arts Center in Baum-Walker Hall. The performance lasted one hour and thirty minuets and consisted of six pieces.

The first piece was Variations for Wind Band by Ralph Vaughn Williams. All the instruments tuned to the oboe then they started the English piece. The Bass and symbols came in first and was very loud. The song reminded me of the movie ”Raiders of the Lost Ark.” The feeling was mysterious and I liked it.

The second piece was “Chester” Overture for Band by William Schuman. This American song moved very fast with a lot of clarinet and flute for the melody. I liked this song because it was patriotic.

The third piece was Chester leaps in by Steven Bryant. I really liked this song because I heard a lot of clarinet and bell solos. I happen to be a clarinet player and I know how hard it is for clarinets to be heard so I really enjoyed this piece.

The fourth piece was Marche Joyeuse by Emmanuel Chabrier. This piece featured an oboe solo and then the full band came in and repeated the melody several times. I liked this French song because of the fullness and richness of the rhythm. This song made me feel happy.

The fifth piece was Bacchanale by Rolf Rudin. This German piece was full of wonderful moments and colors, but changes feelings though out. First the song starts out suspenseful like something bad is about to happen in a thriller movie. Then the song changes to happy like what someone might hear at a festival. At the end there is a trumpet solo that expresses major and minor harmonics. I thought this song was too long, but I still liked it.

The sixth piece was Vesuvius by Frank Ticheli. This American piece featured an oboe and French horn solo. Lots of a triangle was used as well. Towards the middle there was a violent volcano sound and then a loud bang at the end. I did not like this piece as well as the others because it seemed evil with the explosive rhythms and loud bass sounds.


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