David Copperfield Essay Research Paper ThemeDavid Copperfield

David Copperfield Essay, Research Paper


David Copperfield began his own life when his mother and little brother

died. So he learned to be self-reliant and to made new friends.

His new parents don t accept him as he was, he must be a gentlemen. So

David go away from home and never came back.


On a terrible stormy night, Copperfield’s mother was sad and ill. It was six months ago that Copperfield’s father died. Miss Trotwood, the aunt of the father, came that night to Copperfield’s mother. When Trotwood heard that the baby was a he, she went away and she never saw Copperfield’s mother again. At the age of six, Copperfield knew only two people; his mother and Peggotty. Peggotty was the servant and the only friend of the mother. Copperfield and his mother went to the church every Sunday. One day, Copperfield’s mother talked to Mr. Murdstone. Copperfield didn’t like him. Peggotty brought Copperfield to her brother in Yarmouth. His house was a boat. In the house were living four people: Mr. Peggotty, Ham, Emily and Mrs. Gummidge. Ham and Emily are the cousins of Mr. Peggotty. Mrs. Gummidge was the wife of a fisherman, who died at sea. Copperfield felt in love with Emily, but he had to go back home. Back at home, there was bad news for Copperfield. Mr. Murdstone married with Mrs. Copperfield, so Mr. Murdstone is now the new father of Copperfield. Copperfield had to go to school. At school he met Steerforth and Traddles. At holidays he went back home. He spoke very little to Mr. Murdstone and his sister, Miss Murdstone. When he was back at school he heard bad news; His mother died. Mr. Murdstone didn’t want to buy the school of Copperfield so Copperfield had to work. He had to live at Mr. Micawber’s place. Mr. Micawber is very poor and after a while he went to Plymouth for another job. Copperfield had an idea; he went to his aunt in Dover. His aunt wanted to pay the school of Copperfield so they went to the lawyer Mr. Wickfield in Canterbury. His new school was also in Canterbury, so Copperfield stayed at Mr. Wickfield’s place and there he met his daughter, Agnes. Uriah Heep, the clerk of Wickfield, was studying law. He wants to become a lawyer.

Copperfield works hard at school and the years passed quickly. At last he finished school. He took a holiday and went to Peggotty. He met a lot of people like Steenforth, Ham and Emily. Back in London he told her aunt that he wants to become a lawyer. Mr. Spenlow is going to teach Copperfield law. When he meets the daughter of Spenlow, Dora, Copperfield is in love with her. His aunt had bad news: she had lost all her money. Copperfield wanted to marry with Dora, but her father would not give permission because he is poor and she is rich. But after a while Mr. Spenlow died, so they could marry. Dora is not a good wife, but Copperfield still loves her. After a while Dora became ill, and later she died. The good friends Ham and Steerforth also died. So he had nobody, because Mr. Peggotty and the Micawbers went to Australia. But Copperfield found complete happiness because he married with Agnes.

What do you learn?

This book learn me to be self-reliant, and accept people as they are. When you ve got a

child who can t learn, you can t learn him by punishment and violence.

My choice:

I chose this book because I have read a lot of other books from Charles Dickens. Most

of these books are nice to read, so I thought this book can be nice too.


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