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Les Miserables & David Copperfield Essay, Research Paper

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David Copperfield & Les Miserables

In the novel, David Copperfield by Charles Dickens & Les Miserables by Victor both consists of tragedy and romance.

Both novels have elements of tragedy. In Les Miserables, Jean Valjean is been hunted down by the inspector from dawn to dusk; for his unproven crime. He is treated as a criminal, yet he has to take care of his most valued asset; Javert. He can?t do that, with being hidden in a, never to go out, risk of getting caught . He has to hide himself and his daughter from the society, bound to the gates of the Cathedral. In Les miserables, Javert always under supervision of her dad and never been in contact with outside, falls in love with Marious. When Jean Valjean finds out, she tells her to forget him forever. As a result of the inspector and Marious, he decides to leave for England.

In addition, despite the sadness in the novels, there is profound romance. In David Copperfield, David falls in love with Dora Spenlow so much, as to sacrifice anything for her. They falls in love at first sight, at her birthday party. On the other hand, Emily has always loved David, not openly letting him know. Yet, when he got married to Dora, she is in deep pain inside. Emily was there to soothe David?s sadness after the death of Dora. Their love is finally realized in the end. David realized how much Emily cared for him, whereas he thought of her as a sister. In David Copperfield, the young, innocent son, fatherless looses his mother. He grows up in poverty and care of his aunt. David faces many conflicts through out his life and progressing it. He looses his most loved wife, after their marriage.

In conclusion, both novels demonstrates sadness, pain and love. Though there is lot?s of misery within both of the novels, there is also love and romance to even it out.


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