Story Of David Copperfield Essay Research Paper

Story Of David Copperfield Essay, Research Paper



(First Section) I didn’t see the start of the movie because I was sick. 22 March 2001

(Seconde Section) In this part of the story David is on this way to live with his Uncle Dan Peggotty of two weeks in Yarmouth. While he was is Yarmouth he meat the people that lived with his Uncle Emily that he falls in love with and he is the neece of Uncle Dan. Dan’s nephew ham witch acted like a brother and Mrs Gummidge that is always miserable. On his arrival to coming back home he found out that his mother, Clara Copperfield had married a man by the name of Mr Murdstone. David doesn’t like Mr Murdstone and worse his sister Miss Jane Murdstone has taken over all of the house duets.

(Third Section) David had to lean his Latin and he could not remember what it was. Mr Murdstone could not tolerate this so he caned David and David bit his for it. David was sent of to boarding school so that he could be tout the right and wrong there he met a older boy named Steerforth he was kind to him. David resaved a notice that his mother had died. He went home and Miss Peggotty was asked to leave the house and she soon got married to Mr Barkis. Soon after David was sent to London to work for himself. Mr Micawber witch provided him with a room to stay in that his stepfather paid for.

(Fourth Section) David is how living with Mr and Mrs Micawber, Mr Micawber get’s taken away because he didn’t pay his debts David see’s him every chance he got. Soon after he was set free and they moved to there home town. David is stuck in the middle and he doesn’t quite know what to do, he desides to find the only family he has his aunt that lives in Dover. He even chewely gets there and he is taken in by Mrs Bettsey Trotwood and Mr Dick. She wrights to Mr Murdstone witch comes to see them and wanted the child back but she put him in his place and David stays. David soon after goes back to school so she lets him stay at her lawyer’s house in Canterbury. Mr Whitfield and his daughter Agnes live there just as Mrs Trotwood was leaving she said these words of wisdom “David Never be mean in anything

Never be fails

Never be cruel”

And she left. David soon grew up.

(Section five) David is a fully-grown man and he has his own house and a good job. Back at the house in Canterbury Mr Heap wants to marry Agnes. Mr Heap has most of the control over the firm that Agnes’s dad works for. Emily is to be marred to Ham this is all-good until Emily goes off with Steerforth so Uncle Dane goes after her. Mean while Bettse Trotwood has lost every think and has come to stay with David and his new wife Lora Spendlow her father owned the clerk company that David worked for. Lora has never worked in her live and she is not very good


the movie david copperfeild


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